Midwest Industries just announced a their new 12 and 15 inch Gen2 Freefloating Handguards for their SS Series of modular handguards.  The SS Series are lightweight and feature a comfortable round design with modular rail blanks.  The  previous version was already a great design but they’ve made some nice changes with the Gen2.  All Midwest Industries products are 100% Made in the U.S.A!  Check out the images and specs below! 

First of all they’ve reduced the weight of both the 12 and 15 inch versions by roughly 20%.  They also switched from the round hole design to a slotted design on the handguard which will allow for greater compatibility with other mounts and accessories on the market such as the MOUNT-N-SLOT parts offered by Impact Weapons Components

I think the overall look of the Gen2 SS-Series Handguards look nicer than the Gen1’s.  The horizontal slots just seem to flow better than the round holes.  I’m picturing this with a really nicely fluted barrel underneath.  Here is a pic of it installed.

I personally have 3 different Midwest Industries rail systems in my arsenal.  An MI-T7 Freefloat Quad Rail, an MI-T15 Freefloat Gen2 and an MCTAR-21G2 9 inch Two-Piece Freefloat Quad Rail.  All of which have been nothing but awesome!  I wouldn’t expect anything less from these new SS-Series handguards!

The NEW Gen2 SS-Series One Piece Freefloat Handguard can be purchased online at