Check it out!!  Seekins Precision has opened the distribution of their awesome SP-BAR Rails to all dealers and distributors.  Prior to this year the SP-BAR was produced for and sold exclusively through Spike’s Tactical.  The Seekins Precision SP-BAR Rail is one of the nicest looking rails I’ve seen and has some very cool features to it.  One being that it works very well for anyone looking to run a Suppressor underneath the rail!!  Check out the details and pics of the SP-BAR below! 

[combogallery id=’16’]

The SP-BAR Rail is freefloating and features a larger inside diameter (1.8″) to allow for the use of a shorter barrel length with suppressor attached underneath the rail.  It also features ventilation to help the suppressor cool fast.  Another nice feature is that it has Scalloped Rails which is much easier on your hands.  There are also 5 QD Sockets so you can mount your sling exactly where it best fits you.

The SP-BAR is can be purchased in 7″, 9″, 12″ and 13″ lengths from Rainier Arms.

Check out the pics below showing the SP-BAR with a suppressor mounted underneath the rail.