So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but…I love to collect patches!  It’s one of those things that started out very small when I received my first one which I believe was from Battle Arms Development.  Now every time I see a new patch I want to buy it.  The only issue that has been keeping me from going nuts is…What do you do with 100+ patches?  You can only use so many at a time.  You can put them on an Operator’s Hat, Chest Rig or attach them to the sleeve of a combat shirt or jacket but what’s the point of having all these other patches?  So basically I’ve kept my collection very limited because all they do is just sit there in a drawer in my AR workshop.  

Then the other day Mike from ECHO NiNER / ORCA sent me an email letting me know about their line of Moral Patches and their new Patch Mat v.2 which immediately peaked my interest.  I guess I just never even looked into it enough to realize that this type of product even existed.  There appears to be varying level of quality between the available Patch Mats on the market but from what I can see the ORCA Patch Mat v.2 is on the high end of the quality spectrum.  That quality level probably has a lot to do with the fact that its MADE IN THE USA!!  I’m now totally thinking about ramping up the “Patch Purchase Program” which will totally make my wife happy. 🙂  Check out the pictures and specs of the Patch Mat v.2 below. 

[combogallery id=’28’]

The ORCA Industries Patch Mat is made to store and display your favorite morale patches and other Velcro attached products (i.e. Holsters, Gear Hangers, etc).

The backing is a heavy duty Cordura 1000D in genuine Crye Multicam pattern. The loop material is a low pile YKK for easier placement and removal of your patches and gear. The heavy duty metal grommets have large 1/2 inch eye holes, giving you the flexibility to hang with hooks, screws, nails, etc.

Easy to roll up your patches and gear and go or can be more permanently attached with a few washers and screws.  Keeps your embroidered patches safe from the hook Velcro of other patches!


–  18″ x 24″

–  YKK loop material

–  Genuine Crye Multicam, Cordura 1000D Material

–  4x Heavy Duty Metal Grommets with .5″ openings

–  Made in the USA  

–  Patches and Gear Pictured are NOT included.  Gear pictured: Hazard 4 – Stick Up, Modular Holster; MSM – Loop Panels; OSOE –  Shotgun Card

Check out the ORCA Patch Mat v.2 and their line of Moral Patches online at!