When 2 Vets Arms Co, LLC started approximately 6 months ago it was for a very simple purpose, “Design and manufacture affordable, high quality, custom, precision firearms that met industry leading standards for fellow military veterans.”

While the primary mission hasn’t necessarily changed it has certainly evolved in order to meet the rapidly growing needs of American patriots and 2nd Amendment supporters around the country. 

The 2 Vets Arms Company is a female service-connected disabled veteran owned business (SDVOB) operated by U.S. Army veteran husband and wife team Dean and Amber Brandly.   The flagship weapons platform offered by 2 Vets Arms Co is a 6.8 SPC II rifle based on a custom design by Dean Brandly, a former U.S. Army Scout Sniper Team Leader.  

2 Vets Arms Company is proudly working with Sports South LLC, a national firearms distributor with a retailer network of more than 5000 firearms retailers across the country.  The custom designed 6.8 SPC II weapon system, as well as our .300 Blackout and AR15’s will reach dealer shelves throughout the country very shortly.

The 2VA68, our 6.8 SPC II, is currently being tested for possible operational deployment by several law enforcement agencies , including local and federal authorities.

As a service-connected disable veteran owned business, Dean and Amber understand how important it is to support our honored military veterans.  In order to do their part, 2 Vets Arms Company has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from every rifle sale to GallantFew.org – A Revolutionary Veteran Support Network, and American Women Veterans.

To find out more about this up and coming veteran owned weapons manufacturing company and to find out how you can get a great deal on the entire 2 Vets Arms product line.  Visit the company’s newly redesigned website at http://www.2VetsArms.com

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