Black Widow Armament logoBlack Widow Armament has done it again!  A few years ago they came up with a great design for an endplate that gives you multiple attachment options while protecting your receiver from scratches.  Now they’ve one-upped themselves with their new NoMar QD which still has all of the previous versions attachment options but also incorporates a QD attachment point at the rear of the receiver.  They have also launched a totally brand new website in conjunction with their release of the NoMar QD. 

Black Widow Armament decided to launch a complete overhaul of their website with the release of the NoMar QD to be able to keep up with the expected demand for the new product based on the success of the standard NoMar.  With the new website you can now purchase both versions from  Their new website is definitely much nicer and way more user friendly than the previous one.

I’ve personally been using the standard NoMar for at least a year now and I can tell you this thing is rock solid.  The only thing I didn’t care for was that it was lacking a QD attachment method.  I ended up using a couple of ITW Mash Hooks on my TAREINCO VTP sling with their ECO Adapters.  This worked but I still missed my QD’s.  Now that I have my NoMar QD I can go back to my standard sling setup. 

Black Widow NoMar vs NoMar QD

The NoMar is ambidextrous and can accommodate pretty much any type of sling attachment method you can throw at it.  I’ve not encountered anything that didn’t work.  Even standard webbing fits in the slots very nicely.  Here are a few pics of the different type of attachment options I’ve used with the NoMar QD. 

[combogallery id=’37’]

Based on my experiences with the NoMar and NoMar QD I would definitely recommend the Black Widow NoMar or NoMar QD to anyone looking for an inexpensive end plate to attach virtually any sling to.  

The NoMar Gen 1 and NoMar QD can be purchased online at for just $22 or $28 respectively.