Over the last few years their has been a surge in popularity of lightweight, modular handguards.  Some of the more expensive ones are tubular carbon fiber ones but the most popular are the polymer ones.  Strike Industries just recently announced their own lightweight handguard called the MITCH (Multifunction Integrated Tactics Combat Handguard).  Strike put a new spin on this popular product by changing up the shape and adding an integrated moveable handstop.  They will soon be launching their modular rail sections for the MITCH as well.  I think the design for this handguard is definitely going in the right direction.  Hopefully we’ll see different lengths offered in the future too.  This is definitely worth checking out.  I’ve got some pictures and additional information below!  –  Ben 

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Strike Industries’ most ambitious project thus is the MITCH series handguard for the AR15.  Sticking with our patented polymer formulation and to an already winning formula S.I. has made some tweaks and improved upon outdated AR-15 handguard designs.

Not everyone wants a fancy rail or handguard so we went on a mission to make a handguard that is economical and can be used with a standard AR platform rifle.  The MITCH design is true plug-and-play, eliminating the need to replace a barrel nut, front sight post, or buy a low profile gas block.

S.I. changed the round handguard into a more comfortable and slimmer design, tweaked and lightened the internal heat shield, and made it modular.  As mentioned previously, not everyone needs rails (or don’t need them all the time) so we made them optional; you can have rails if you wish by simply bolting them on.  Perhaps the coolest feature is the integrated lower handstop which can be moved to any position in the bottom slot and into any direction. Coming soon are more integrated accessories for the MITCH handguard.

The MITCH is an economical upgrade that not only enhances the look of your rifle but also gives you some ergonomic improvement.  The modular design gives the user the option of using what he or she chooses.  You decide!

The new MITCH Handguard can be purchased for just $32 at StrikeIndustries.com!

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