This new “D” Ring QD Sling Swivel is a prime example of a company listening to their customers requests and then following through by producing exactly what they asked for.  I’ve been wishing someone would come out with this exact product for quite some time now and its great to see it finally available.  Out of all of the slings I own only two of them actually come with QD’s actually built in but rather use some type of hook attachment point like the Magpul MS3 Gen1’s ParaClip.  Many people opt to add a QD to the existing attachment point to make it a QD sling.  The only issue is that the QD’s tend to bind up with the end of the sling as the hook/clip slide back and forth on the QD loop as they were designed for use with Nylon Webbing.  The new “D” Ring should make using QD’s attached to the end of your sling a much more pleasant experience.  Check out the pics and details below! 

All stainless steel construction with low-profile, flush head design that prevents unintentional release.  Exceeds DoD requirements and Berry Amendment Compliant.  Made in USA.

Available in:

Small “D” Loops in Black Oxide finish.

Coming Soon:

Large “D” Loops in Black Oxide finish.

Dealer pricing available! Call toll-free 574-256-7006.