Damage Industries Logo NEWAs much as we talk about all of the new upgrade accessories available for the AR-15 you’ll probably be surprised to hear that I personally really like the look of a bone stock AR-15.  That’s right, I like the look of the A2 front sight, glacier guards, A2 grip and even the standard Mil-Spec buttstock.  The issue is that these standard parts aren’t always as “up to date” as other new components and therefore are justified upgrades.  Well, Damage Industries has just release what I think is a really cool new buttstock that combines the old and the new while keeping the cost way down.  Did I mention that it also comes in some awesome colors too? 

Their NEW QD Enhanced M4 Mil-Spec buttstock takes the look and feel of the standard buttstock and adds the functionality of Quick Detach sling attachment point at the front of the buttstock near the buffer tube. 

Damage Industries QD Enhanced M4 stock 2

The placement of the QD cup is key.  By adding towards the front of the stock instead of the rear it allows the rifle to be held higher when using a single point sling.  By installing it as close to the buffer tube as possible it is closer to the mid-line of the rifle which helps it to hang as vertical as possible instead of at an angle. 

Damage Industries has a great pallet of colors available for all of their Stocks, Grips, Rail Covers, etc.  All of these are available in Black, SHTF Brown, FDE (Flat Dark Earth), Coyote Tan, Foliage Green and OD Green (Olive Drab).  This includes the new QD enhanced M4 buttstock. 

Damage Industries QD Enhanced M4 stock 1

As I mentioned before they have still been able to keep the cost down on these new stocks.  The Black model will run just $34.95 while the colored ones will cost just $36.95 BUT if you use the code DET25 through the end of this month you’ll get an additional 25% off all Stocks, Grips and Furniture Kits.  The QD Enhanced M4 buttstock is available for purchase at DamageUSA.com.

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