MAG Tactical logoI’ve been excitedly holding my tongue about the new MAG Tactical Systems Gen 4 Ultralight Lower for a week or so now while waiting for the go ahead from the manufacturer to spread the word.  As we all know, adding more and more weight to your rifle isn’t a good thing.  Ounces turn into pounds and any unnecessary pounds cause undue fatigue.  As with many of the accessories and parts we buy for our AR-15’s we consider the weight of the item but we don’t typically worry too much about the weight of the lower receiver or the upper receiver for that matter.  Well, now you have the ability to get a lightweight alternative to your standard AR-15 lower without sacrificing quality or strength.  MAG Tactical Systems has just released their new GEN 4 Ultralight Lower Receiver for the AR-15 which is 35% lighter than your standard AR-15 lower but is still an all metal design.  That’s including the integrated winter trigger guard too.  Just to clarify, this is not a Plastic, Polymer or Carbon Fiber lower but a special Aluminum Alloy lower receiver.  From talking with Scott at MAG Tactical it sounds like Ultralight Uppers are also in the future which would help cut even more weight.  I’ve included a bunch of pictures below so you can see these in their raw metal form all the way through to a finished product as well as additional information below.  MAG Tactical Header

MAG Tactical Ultralight Gen 4 Lower 4

MAG Tactical Ultralight Gen 4 Lower in FDE – Yes it does say just 5.875 oz!!

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The MAG Tactical Systems GEN 4 receiver is the newest receiver to hit the market.  The GEN 4 is approximately 35% lighter than a GEN 1 aluminum receiver and is still a metallic component.  No plastic, carbon fiber or polymers.  The GEN 4 receiver is made of a proprietary Tactical Alloy.  MAG Tactical Systems owns the patent on the coating process for this material which gives it the excellent corrosion characteristics.

What makes the MAG Tactical Systems GEN 4 Receiver different?

The GEN 4 receiver has the integrated trigger guard that will be able to be used with cold weather gear.

The GEN 4 receiver has reinforced trigger & hammer axle pin placement points.

The GEN 4 front pivot pins are reinforced to eliminate any fracturing during torque when receiver is in the break down position.

The overall design of the GEN 4 receiver has been stream lined for the Modern War Fighter!

MSRP for the lower is $250 but you can purchase the MAG Tactical Systems GEN 4 Ultralight Lower Receiver for $219.99 at

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