PSA has contracted with D&H to make them their own USGI Mags.  These are awesome mags that have a Teflon coating and also feature a Magpul Anti-tilt follower.  The cool part is they are keeping the cost down when most companies would be jacking them up.  These are available for just $16.99 each at

PSA D H 30 round Mag Magpul Follower Teflon

Brand new mil-spec M16/AR15 30rd aluminum mags with grey teflon finish and yellow or foliage green Magpul followers. Made by D&H (Company formerly named Labelle) for Palmetto State Armory. These are the best of the breed because they have a slick durable Teflon coat inside and out. Stamped with US military cage code Q4TQ4.

Floorplates marked:
Palmetto State Armory, LLC
Columbia, SC


–   Aluminum, 6061 – T0 Body. Resistance welded to US Military Specifications

–   Aluminum Magazine Body is Heat Treated to T6, then Hardcoat Anodized

–   Magazine Body Black Teflon

–   Spring is 17-7PH Checked for Compression with a Chatillon Gauge

–   Follower: Magpul Yellow OR Foliage Green Anti-Tilt Follower