Did you miss out on the debut of the Ruger-57? Maybe not catch the Taurus TX22 or the new bolt gun goodness from Accuracy International? Here’s a solution. If you’re too busy to scroll social media or log into the various online locations for virtual coverage of new SHOT 2021 products, you might check into the SHOT Show 2021 article on The Mag Life.


The Mag Life blog is the official online publication of GunMag Warehouse (q.v.).

There is a lot of information packed into that (constantly evolving) piece, and more still in some breakout articles that are appearing.

New SHOT 2021 Products

Here are a few examples:

Shadow Systems Glock

The Shadow Systems DR920 you see above is the first production handgun from that company. One of our nerd friends said they were gonna build in Phantom Forces (true story), though holding your breath is not recommended.

The spring-loaded rifle sights you see below are the new Magpul MBUS 3 “irons” from Magpul Industries.


New from Streamlight are several handheld and weapon-mounted lights, including the TLR7 Sub (below) and…

TLR7 Sub

“SUB stands for sub-compact, not the type of sub that accommodates meatballs. Small guns are getting more and more capable and so are WMLs. The TLR 7 SUB promises to be the most powerful of the lights currently in the subcompact game.” Travis Pike

the Streamlight Wedge “slim line” EDC flashlight.

Streamlight Wedge EDC light

You might also like the look of the Aero Precision BREACH AR charging handle.


If you’re interested in the ammo side of new SHOT 2021 products, you will also be able to find news of new cartridges like the 6.8 Western.

6.8 Western is just one cartridge to be found in the lineup of new SHOT 2021 products

“If we compare [6.8 Western] to our .270 WSM cartridge, the 6.8 Western has 10 percent less propellant but has 12 percent more energy at 500 yards. It seems that we cheated physics somewhat but we really just used it to our advantage by optimizing case capacity and bullet weight.”

Kyle Masinelli, Director of New Product Development at Olin Winchester


We’ll update this and other posts about SHOT 2021 products as we are able. 

On another note entirely…

While nothing to do with virtual SHOT, one good thing that has come out of the politically horrible week has been the Bernie Sanders meme lineup.