“All the doorways, before one enters, should be looked around, should be spied out; it can’t be known for certain where enemies are sitting in the hall ahead.”

That is a line from the Hávamál. 


That’s a line from the Gadsden Flag. In fact, it’s the line from the Gadsden Flag.

Gadsden flag Viking shirt

They’re both significant, and both feature prominently in the latest Viking shirt design from Anachrobellum: Til Valhalla III, Don’t Tread On Me.

American Viking with Gadsden Flag

In addition to what is arguably contemporary Nordic fare (like an ax, chain hauberk, and the like), the Norseman in the image is also equipped with a variety of implements that will no doubt be familiar to Mag Life readers. Not least among those is his SBR, which, it should be noted, sports such accessories as:

 an FDE/coyote (-ish) PMAG

Magpul Ranger Plates

• elements of what appears to be a MOE Mid-Length Furniture Kit

• some model of weapon mounted light

• a red dot sight

• an RDS magnifierin one of his mag pouches

• some sort of silencer

Similar accouterments adorn his (modern, ballistic) assaulter’s helmet and hearing protection, the various pockets and pouches of his plate carrier, and most likely all the rest of his kit and battle rattle as well.

The juxtaposed gear makes sense when you consider the designing company’s name. The name Anachrobellum ( is a made-up combo of the Latin word for war (bellum) and the word anachronism. Anachrobellum’ss designs usually involve a mix of armor and weaponry from historical warrior archetypes and modern armed professionals.

Get your shirt (or another one like it) online at Anachrobellum.

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