PublicSq’s explosive growth offers an alternative to companies that advance ESG & DEI agendas

America’s original values have been excoriated and supplanted by the purveyors of racism, marxism and transhumanism in the free market. Join FrogLube and PublicSq in the fight to thwart this malignancy of thought in the free marketplace of goods and ideas.

Find FrogLube® among one million like-mined patriotic companies and shoppers.

Burleson, TX July 14, 2023 — FrogLube, the world’s foremost authority on bio-based firearms care has joined the Public Square company, a rapidly expanding marketplace alternative to Amazon and woke corporations.

FrogLube is the leading bio-based, non-petroleum alternative to hazardous and combustible firearms care products. Its products are made using ‘food-grade’ byproducts of USA farming and ranching operations which are then formulated for precise application in all firearms, from new to antique. FrogLube products have been proven in every type of firearm, to include modern tactical rifles, suppressors, shotguns, air guns, black powder antiques and heritage collector firearms. FrogLube makes degreasing solvent cleaners, lubricant-preservatives and gun cleaning kits. Using proprietary bio-based technology, FrogLube’s products reduce malfunctions, perform in all weather, and extend the long term storage period from months to years.

Public Square is a marketplace of like minded businesses and customers who want to align their selling and purchasing decisions with freedom loving values. Their marketplace offers a single entry point for people who want to regain control over their spending decisions and shift away from the woke madness.

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“FrogLube® is the first truly ‘green’ gun care system that complies with all firearms military and professional care manuals. Because it outperforms traditional petroleum-based products, it’s become a “game changer” for firearms professionals in the military, law enforcement, competitors and with a growing number of gunsmiths.”“FrogLube is the future of gun care.”

“FrogLube has recognized the sales potential of public square’s approach during the Bud Light beer and Target retailer historic PR meltdowns” said Larry Lasky, FrogLube’s CEO. “The promotion of woke is shattering the confidence in historically solid brands, which chose to virtue signal at the expense of decades worth of effort to build brand loyalty.” “Our values are God,Country and Family, which we feel are intrinsic of All Americans and are in lock-step with Public Square.” Public square’s exponential growth, now over 1 million, is testament to the crumbling of the woke ideology. “Woke is a joke, and the joke’s on you.” Lasky stated during a recent interview. “We are not fooled. Americans are patriotic and family oriented and will not tolerate the shredding of the fabric of our society by the sick and twisted woke mob.”

About FrogLube
Headquartered in Burleson, TX – The world’s foremost authority on bio-based firearms care. Non-petroleum, Non-HAZMAT. Developed by a Navy SEAL to protect firearms under the harshest conditions. God, Country, Family

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