The KAK Industry K-SPEC Buffer was developed with specific goals: reducing felt recoil and providing faster follow-up shots. With modern technology being applied to firearms, you’re likely aware of the recoil management solutions applied to many popular pistol operating systems. Recoil rods in pistols advanced from a single-piece recoil rod assembly to a dual recoil spring assembly with a compression guide rod.  With our new K-SPEC buffer systems, we have applied this same concept to the AR15 platform. 

The K-SPEC Buffer features an innovative recoil reduction system that absorbs and disperses felt recoil. Minimizing muzzle flip and kickback allows you to fire faster and more accurately by being able to stay on target more effectively. 

The K-SPEC Buffer features a two-piece reciprocating buffer body and a captured compression spring mechanism internally, which works in conjunction with our flat wire buffer spring. The majority of the felt recoil is transferred into the buffer spring and then dispersed into the K-SPEC buffer internals. This combination of features helps to absorb recoil and distribute it more evenly and linearly instead of abruptly as you experience with traditional buffer systems. 

K-SPEC Buffer systems are available for the AR15 in a variety of configurations including, Carbine length, A5 length, and Extended PCC length. Selecting which buffer you need is easy. Simply select the weight that is closest to what you are currently running. If your current weight is lighter, such as a 3oz Carbine buffer, you should choose the K-SPEC H1 weight.

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