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GoGun recently introduced another new muzzle brake called the SuperComp Talon Tactical. This is a slimmed down version of their really awesome SuperComp Talon. Like its big brother, the SuperComp Talon Tactical has multiple ports that redirect the blast of your AR15 helping to reduce recoil and muzzle rise keeping your sights on target. The new SuperComp Talon Tactical is available in Parkerized Steel but if you want to lighten it up a bit you can go with the Titanium version. I know you’re thinking the Titanium probably costs a ton but its actually quite affordable when it comes to Titanium brakes.  I personally own a few different versions of the GoGun SuperComp including the NoTalon, XL and the Talon Tactical and they all work great. Check out the details below then head on over to to order one for yourself.

GoGun USA Talon Tactical 2 620

The SuperComp® Talon Tactical is slimmed down, compared to the bigger SuperComp® Talon brake. It has the same patented and trade dress Talon Tips, and the overall weight has been lightened for tactical and competition applications, but steel is still Battletuff.

–  Virtually No Sight Movement
–  Shooters no longer have to choose between purely tactical compensators or a competitive compensator.
–  With the SuperComp® Talon Tactical they can truly have the best of both worlds.
–  Works great and eye candy to the max.
–  Specifications
–  Available in .223
–  Precision CNC machined from Heat treated molybdenum alloy steel
–  2.87” long, .996” diameter 1/2×28 tpi, .276” exit hole diameter, 3.9 oz in steel 2.2 oz in Titanium
–  Crush Washer included
–  Available in Chrome Moly steel or Titanium
–  100% Made in the USA!

The 9 Axial ports are the key to this unique patented and patent pending design. The Axial ports redirect the blast in an extremely effective Stabilizing Star Pattern (SSP). The results are very fast follow-up shots with your sights tracking in a clean predictable pattern, without disturbing your view of your target. Recoil is also reduced significantly without the use of reverse angles, and unwanted rearward blast. The SSP design of the SuperComp® Talon Tactical also reduces blast effect to moderate levels. The SuperComp® Talon Tactical provides all these benefits in a small compact package.

One of the things I love about the AR-15 is its modularity.  The fact that one gun can have so many different configurations is just awesome.  Many AR-15 owners, including myself, will have multiple different uppers configured for a specific purpose or style that can be swapped out on the fly.  I personally only keep a few lowers built at any given time but have many upper configurations available ranging from a few really light weight to a few beefier with a quad rail, plus 5.56 and 300 Blackout.  The upper in the picture below is one I built as a lightweight setup while still giving me the longer extension of a 15″ rail.  I’ve not had this one for super long but it shoots super smooth and I don’t see myself changing anything on it anytime soon.  If you’re interested, check out the details of this build below.  You can click on the images below to enlarge them.

AR15NEWS Weekly Photo and Build Details 12-10-12

  AR15NEWS Weekly Photo and Build Details 12-10-12 Annotated

1.  GoGun USA SuperComp NoTalon XL:  Sometimes function and beauty just don’t go together.  That is the case with the SuperComp NoTalon XL.  I can’t say it’s the coolest looking muzzle brake in the world but it definitely performs like a superstar.  I’ve been using a couple of their older versions for the past few years and I’ve been very satisfied with their performance in recoil reduction and muzzle control.  The new XL version is a bit longer because they’ve added an extra set of ports towards the end of the muzzle which seems to have really fine tuned it.  There’s not too much you can say about a brake but I do think its the reason this upper is such a smooth shooter.  I purchase most of my stuff but this particular brake was given to me by Dr. Chet at GoGun USA.  You can purchase one for yourself at their online store.

2.  Elzetta Design ZFL-M60 light:  The Elzetta ZFL-M60 is a light I’ve been drooling over for quite some time now and now that I have one I can’t put it down.  It’s by far the nicest flashlight I’ve ever owned.  There are so many configurations to pick from but mine has the High/Strobe tail cap.  You can purchase the other tail caps if you want to be able to switch it around.  I started wanting one of these back when I first saw a video that Ares Armor did where they were trying to kill one and couldn’t (watch the video here).  They finally had to shoot it with a shotgun to make it stop running.  Meanwhile the SureFire had already bitten the dust.  If you need a flashlight that will not fail you, this is the one. has them in-stock and at a slightly discounted price right now. While you’re there you can pick up one of these awesome “Just Shoot It” pvc patches too.

3.  Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail SBR Light Mount:  There are a ton of good quality light mounts available on the market today but not many offer the versatility and affordability as the HSP Thorntail which is manufactured in Colorado by Impact Weapon Components.  The upper in the picture above is a 16″ barrel with a 15″ rail so I decided to set this one up with the SBR version of the Thorntail which has a shorter arm.  This keeps the mount forward on the rail without extending the light too far forward right into the blast of the muzzle.  There are so many different configurations available for the Thorntail that you’d be hard pressed to find a flashlight that you couldn’t use with it.  The HSP Thorntail is available for purchase at  Don’t forget to use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout to save yourself 5% off  your order.

4.  Magpul Rail Vertical Grip (RVG):  I wish I had some crazy great story about this grip…but I don’t.  Vertical grips are pretty boring.  I can tell you that it’s lightweight which is why I chose it for this build.  Its not my favorite Vertical Grip of all time (that would be my Gear Sector Vert Grip) but it works just as good and you can’t argue with the cost.  Again, I will tell you to buy it where I purchased mine, which is from  Don’t forget to use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout to save yourself 5% off  your order.

5.  Impact Weapons Components 45 Offset QD Sling Mount:  The one and only issue I had with the rail I used for this build was that it didn’t come with any QD attachment points.  I typically use a single-point sling but there are always those situations where you need a 2-point sling so I like to keep my options open.  To solve this issue I installed one of the new 45 degree offset QD Sling Mounts from Impact Weapons Components.  (I think you can see they are one of my favorites)  It’s very low profile and can be installed anywhere on a 1913 picatiny rail.  I mounted mine almost half way up the top section of the rail.  This keeps it out of the way of my hand but close enough that its easy to use.  As with all products on IWC’s website, if you use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout you’ll save 5%.

6.  556 Tactical Evolution Modular Rail:  Last but not least is what really makes this a lightweight build.  The 556 Tactical Evolution modular rail is a more aggressive looking version of the very popular Samson Evolution rail.  By ditching the standard quadrail and going with the Evolution I was able to have a much lighter 15″ rail than what I have on any of my other guns.  The modularity of it though made it so I didn’t miss out on anything.  I have rail sections that I can bolt on any place I need them and keep a smooth surface where I don’t.  It mounts up solid and installs on a standard AR-15 barrel nut in just a few minutes.  If you are looking for an awesome looking rail that is gives you high quality, strength and modularity and not break the bank this is a great option.  Check them out at

**Other notable items in this picture are a Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier (absolutely awesome PC by the way) and Line of Fire Tactical Gloves.  There are some TROY Industries BUIS but you can’t see them.

Once again we had a record number of participants.   I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and at least learned about some really awesome companies.  Speaking of which, we need to say a HUGE “Thank you” to all of our Sponsors.  A Breon Custom, American Gunfighters, Battle Arms Development, Core15 Rifle Systems, GoGun USA ,, ITW Military Products, Mission First Tactical, Rainier Arms LLC, TacStrike and Tomahawk Tactical.  Without their generosity we obviously would not have anything to give away to our awesome fans.  We’d also like to say “Thank you” to our fans.  You guys are awesome.  Anyone want to know who won???  Continue reading “6,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway Winner Announcement” »

If you are at all into competitive pistol shooting or like to watch the competitions you have likely seen the GoGun Gas Pedal on quite a few of the totally tricked out pistols.  The idea is to give the shooter a thumbs forward grip that helps you to control the recoil of your weapon and give you the confidence to pull the trigger at speeds you never thought possible.  GoGun USA has offered the Gas Pedal for the AR-15 in a billet form for some time now but as you can imagine that carries not only a bit of extra weight but also costs more.  Their latest version, just released yesterday, is the same GoGun Gas Pedal for AR-15’s but is now made of Polymer which dramatically decreases weight and only costs 1/3 that of the billet version. Continue reading “NEW!! GoGun USA AR-15 Polymer Gas Pedal” »

We finally made it!  I’m sure many of you have been crossing your fingers for the last 4 days hoping to see your name in the list of winners.  The wait is over.  Huge “Thanks” goes out to our sponsors Mission First Tactical, Weapon Outfitters, GoGun USA, A Breon Custom, Battle Arms Development and Shooter Tactical.  Mission First Tactical generously donated enough prizes for 5 total winners so we will have one (1) grand prize winner and four (4) second place winners. 

All 5 winners will receive an MFT EPG16 (pistol grip), MFT RSG (short vertical grip & TSM (Light/Laser Mount), MFT Mag coupler, MFT Patches, t-shirt, and stickers plus a $50 MFT gift card from Mission First Tactical.

The Grand Prize Winner will also receive a $150 gift card towards the purchase of any Centurion Arms Rail System from Weapon Outfitters, a NoTalon SuperComp Rifle Brake from GoGun USA, a custom designed “Dog Tag” PMAG with your name on it from A Breon Custom, a brand new design Battle Arms Development T-Shirt and a Woodland Camo Tactical Vest from Shooter Tactical.

With no further ado, the winners are….. Continue reading “ 3,000 Facebook fan giveaway – Winner Announcement!!” »

Well, it’s finally Friday and the end of our latest LARGE Facebook Giveaway.  Before we announce all 6 winners, First things first.  We need to say a huge “Thank You!” to Battle Arms Development, GoGun USA, Praetor Defense, Strike Industries, Tomahawk Tactical and Weapon Outfitters for sponsoring our latest giveaway!  They all put up some awesome stuff and it’s much appreciated.  Without them there would be no giveaway so be sure to continue to show these guys some love.

Secondly a big “Thanks” goes out to all of our fans for participating.  This was definitely our most popular and active contest yet.  I hope all of you enjoyed the contest.  We will continue to do these giveaways and introduce you guys to some new manufacturers that you may not already know about.  If you haven’t already found AR15news on Facebook be sure to “Like” our page so you can get in on these great giveaways!

Our next giveaway will be just as awesome but will feature a few different manufacturers.  Be on the lookout for the giveaway sponsor announcements coming up soon!

Now on to what you all really care about 🙂 the winner announcement.  We have a total of 6 winners today.  One for the 2,500 fan giveaway and 5 individual trigger guard winners.  And the winners are………….. Continue reading “2,500 Fan Facebook Giveaway – Winner Announcement” »

Hey guys.  Here is a special AR15news exclusive press release from GoGun USA.  GoGun is the maker of the SuperComp Talon Rifle Brake for the AR-15.  This is the same brake that I use on my personal rifle and is absolutely awesome.  The original Talon Rifle Brake is the flattest shooting rifle brake I’ve tried so far.  Starting today, GoGun USA will be offering another version of the Talon Rifle Brake called the NoTalon.  It is basically a slimmed down version that does not feature the same sharp “Talon” tips.  Check out the pictures and information of this great product below.  They’ve also put together a great little video showing the NoTalon in use as well as some nice comparison shots. Continue reading “NEW!! GoGun SuperComp NoTalon Rifle Brake” »

AR15news - logoFirst I want to say “Thanks” to everyone at GoGun, the makers of the Talon Rifle Brake.  They have offered to give us an exclusive sneak peak at some preproduction images of their new GoGun Gas Pedal for the AR-15.

The GoGun Gas Pedal is designed to aid in Continue reading “AR15NEWS Exclusive Sneak Peak at the GoGun AR-15 Gas Pedal” »

AR15news - logoGoGun Talon Rifle Muzzle Brake Titanium by E-Tac 1Check out this new muzzle brake by GoGun.  It’s called the Talon and has to be one of the coolest looking muzzle brakes I’ve seen. You could probably use it as a weapon itself.  It’s also made right here in the USA!

The Talon is available in .223/5.56, .308/7.62×51 or 7.62×39 and is created from a single billet piece of Continue reading “New AR-15 Accessory – GoGun Talon Rifle Brake by E-Tac” »