AR15news - logoYou all know as well as I do that a lot of the accessories available for our rifles can be pretty expensive.  So I wanted to start letting you all know about some products that I have come across that not only get the job done but help you have some money left over to put towards those more expensive items.

For my first “Accessories On A Budget” article I’m gonna give you a two-for-one.  A while ago my friend Damie at TAPCO sent me a few items to check out and report back to you with my thoughts.

First was the INTRAFUSE Rail Covers. These are 6″ covers designed to fit any mil-spec picatinny rail.  Instead of coming in a 2-pack they come in a 5-pack which gives you more than enough to cover your open rail areas and probably have a bit left over.  They are really easy to cut to a desired length and fit on nice and tight.  One of the things I liked about the TAPCO Rail Covers is the size.  When installed on the 3,6 and 9 rails they create a nice rounded feel to your rail system similar to a round handguard.  They are also made right here in the USA!  TAPCO INTRAFUSE Rail Covers are only $14.99 and come in Black, FDE and OD.

Tapco Intrafuse Rail Covers 1

Tapco Intrafuse Rail Covers 2

Tapco Intrafuse Rail Covers 3

Tapco Intrafuse Rail Covers 4

Tapco Intrafuse Rail Covers 5

The second product was the TAPCO INTRAFUSE AR Front Sight Tool. There are a ton of A2 Front Sight Tools available out there but I have heard a lot of people complaining about bending the posts on their cheaper front sight tools.  Well I can tell you that you will have to try really hard to damage this thing.  The TAPCO AR Front Sight Tool is machined from 4140 steel and finished in black oxide to protect against corrosion.  It’s also built right here in the USA as well and is backed by a lifetime warranty.  It also has a small lanyard hole to allow you to keep it with your keys or tie it down in your AR tool kit.  I have used mine with numerous different A2 front sights and it works great with them all.  At $7.99 you can’t go wrong!

Tapco Intrafuse AR Front Sight Tool 2

Tapco Intrafuse AR Front Sight Tool 1