If you are even the slightest bit interested in the AR-15 rifle then you have undoubtedly seen or at least heard of Multitasker Tools.  The Multitasker Tools slogan is “The Pocket TOOLBOX for your AR” and their line of AR-15 maintenance tools are hands down the best out there. Their current lineup consists of the Tube, *Ultralight and Series 2.  (*There’s a chance the Ultralight is going away for a while but not necessarily for ever.) 

Current Multitasker Tools Lineup: Series 2, Ultralight and Tube. **Photo courtesy of Stickman**


I spoke with the “Tool Maker Extraordinaire” himself last night.  Shane said that they are going to be coming out with a new version of their most popular Multitasker Tool, the Series 2.  The Series 2 is basically a Swiss Army knife on steroids built specifically for the AR-15 rifle!  The new version will be called the Series 2x.

The series 2x is going to feature a much more aggressive set of pliers and a better set of wire cutters for starters.  The current version has a nice set of needle nose pliers but they aren’t that great for gripping onto a bolt or really sinking it’s teeth into something.  As you’ll see in the picture below, the Series 2x looks more like an alligator and will definitely give you that much needed ability to really grab hold of something. They also plan on including a Glock Punch Tool that would replace the existing dental pick attachment.  They will be discontinuing the ball bearing pivot and going to a hybrid bearing system.

If you have ever checked out any of the Multitasker products you already know that they do not believe in cutting corners.  Even if this means that the cost is a bit higher.  The fact of the matter is that you truly get what you pay for.  The Series 2 currently features a black Melonite finish which is nice but they felt it isn’t the best.  The new Series 2x will have a Hard PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) ceramic coating which has a much better wear resistance.  It’s even used on Formula 1 Racing Components!

Multitasker Series 2x on the left / Current Series 2 on the right


Keep an eye out for the Series 2x.  Shane said the plan is to have them available for purchase by the end of October so they’ll be here before you know it!  The best way to keep tabs is to follow Multitasker Tools on Facebook.  Click HERE to see the list of retailers that carry Multitasker Tools.