The guys at OneUp Design Lab, makers of the MultiTasker series of weapon specific multitools have come up with another innovative product called the Mag-Pod.  The Mag-Pod is a direct replacement for the standard 30 Round PMAG floorplate that turns your PMAG into more of a Mono-Pod style stabilization tool.  This may not be for everyone but for those of you who prefer to run and gun and don’t want a Bi-Pod getting in the way this might be the perfect addition.  Check out the details, pics and a video below. 

I know some of you are going to immediately worry about feed malfunctions that might be caused by exerting forces on the mag but unless you’re doing hand stands on top of your rifle while firing you should be fine.  I was pleased to see the number of reputable names that are happy to vouch for this new product including the one and only Chris Costa!   

“Carrying a bipod on a run and gun style weapon can really limit its practical use, not to mention adding weight and bulk. Having something compact that provides a stable interface in a hasty situation is invaluable – the MagPod does just that.”

-Chris Costa, Costa Ludus



These have been in testing for at least 2  years now and so far the feedback has been great.  The pictures below are of actual T&E pieces that were put through the paces.

My buddy Keith's EDC rifle supported by the Mag-Pod!

I guarantee you Maurizio put the Mag-Pod through its paces! He eats, breathes and sleeps shooting.

I have not personally had any experience with the Mag-Pod yet but at just $22 for a 3-pack I can assure you I will.  Expect the Mag-Pod to be available for purchase in June of this year.   At first they will only be available for the PMAG but you may see USGI compatible Mag-Pod’s in the future.

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