I’ve been slowly making a few purchases to add to our 300 Blackout complete upper build.  I showed you last week that I am using a Wilson Combat RECON Match 16″ Fluted SS barrel and their Accu-Tac flash hider.  These next few items are much smaller parts but are just as integral in making this a really cool build.  It seems like everyone is talking about 300 Blackout right now so I’m going to be showing you every part I use.  That way you can either copy my build or customize the list of items so yours will look the way you want it to.  As always, feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.  Check out these cool items below.  

As I thought about having two different complete uppers (one 5.56 and one 300 Blackout) I realized that there may come a time that someone would need to be able to differentiate between the two uppers.  The 300 Blackout upper really  has no defining features that would say “Hey, I’m a 300 Blackout Upper”.  I was able to fix the problem by buying two new dust covers from Wilson Combat.

These are no run of the mill dust covers though.  These are the nicest dust covers I’ve seen.  I know you’re thinking “They’re just dust covers” but they aren’t.  These are Black Armor-Tuff Coated and have a very clean, easy to read Caliber Designation listed on the outside.  I purchased one that says 5.56 NATO and one that says 300 AAC.  I love it and now I don’t have to say “The one with the fluting is the 300 Blackout!”.  🙂  While doing some online shopping on online I also purchased one of their Carbine length Gas Tubes.  Not going to go on a rabbit trail on how awesome this gas tube is but it seems to be very nicely made. 

Another piece that I picked up was the Phase 5 Tactical ABL/CHA (Ambi Battle Latch / Charging Handle Assembly).  I wanted to go all out on the parts for this build and this is the baddest Charging Handle I’ve ever held.  One of the things they addressed with the ABL/CHA is the main weak point of the standard CH which is the roll pin.  The standard charging handle uses a .0625 roll pin that allows the latch to pivot.  This has been proven to fail during hard use which is not good when it happens.  Phase 5 Tactical tripled the size of the pin using a .1875 Coiled Roll Pin which should make this one nearly indestructible.  

I’m also a big fan of making my AR as ambidextrous as possible.  I’ve see other CH’s that use an additional latch on the ejection port side but I really like the feel of how Phase 5 Tactical’s ABL/CHA works.  If you want to charge the weapon using your right hand you place your hand in the same position as you would normally but on the opposite side, then press with your thumb on the extended lever to release the handle.  Works perfect!

This entire build will be done using AMERICAN MADE parts only!  All Wilson Combat and Phase 5 Tactical parts are 100% MADE IN THE USA!! 

You can purchase the Wilson Combat components at

You can purchase the Phase 5 Tactical ABL/CHA at