AR-15 RELATED NEWS AND REVIEWS AT 3,250 FPS! 300 AAC Blackout Build – Accessorizing

So our 300 AAC Blackout complete upper build is pretty much finished.  So far we’ve shared 3 articles showing the progress of this build.  We’ll be showing you all the final product soon and then do a range report as well.  Right now we’re going to... 300 AAC Blackout Build – Small But Important Parts!

I’ve been slowly making a few purchases to add to our 300 Blackout complete upper build.  I showed you last week that I am using a Wilson Combat RECON Match 16″ Fluted SS barrel and their Accu-Tac flash hider.  These next few items are much smaller parts... 300 AAC Blackout Build – The Heart and Soul is the Barrel

Ever since the 300 Blackout round was introduced to the world I (along with most of the AR-15 nuts) have been obsessed with it.  To be able to shoot a larger round while still using the same Magazines, Bolt Carrier Group, Lower and Upper seemed amazing.  All you need...