CORE15-Logo-WHITEBGFor the most part the market for “cool” new AR-15 items is dominated by new accessories like Lights, Mounts, Grips, Stocks, Triggers, etc.  It’s rare to see “cool” AR-15 parts other than Upper and Lower Receivers, Rails and Barrels.  I honestly never thought I would be saying this but someone has actually produced a “cool” AR-15 barrel nut.  I know, I know, its just a barrel nut but they’ve really put some thought into this.  I don’t know about you but to me it seems like for such an important part the rifle, barrel nuts don’t seem to get enough attention and I’ve seen some really “crapily” built ones.  CORE15 has produced a new CNC Machined StressProof® Steel barrel nut upgrade that is the same dimensions as a Mil-Spec barrel nut but is much stronger and is much higher quality than the standard Mil-Spec version.  I’ve got to say….this is a cool barrel nut!  : )  It weighs just .038 ounces more than a standard Mil-Spec barrel nut and at just $7.50 its a no brainer upgrade as its actually cheaper than many Mil-Spec barrel nuts.  Check out the details and pics below.    

CORE15 StressProof Steel Barrel Nut 1

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New from CORE15 is our StressProof® Steel Barrel Nut. 100% CNC machined for exact tolerances, no punch press operations what so ever. The CORE15 Barrel Nut is an upgraded alternative from the mil-spec barrel nut that is being used today.

–   Manganese Phosphate Finish

–   Stressproof® is made by a patented process which consists of drawing the bar through a special die under heavy draft, then stress relieving it in a precisely controlled furnace.

–   When Niagara LaSalle developed Stressproof® in 1938, it changed the economics of part production. Because for the first time, users could get an improved durability without case hardening, strength without heat treating, plus excellent machinability and tool life

–   STRESSPROOF® is electro-magnetically tested using eddy currents. Other benefits include resistance to fatigue and stress, balanced working and minimum warpage and distortion.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying you need to buy one of these to replace the barrel nut on all of your weapons.  What I am saying is if you’re assembling your upper or swapping parts out and in front of you is a standard Mil-Spec barrel nut or a stronger CNC Machined barrel nut that actually cost less, which one would you want? Mil-Spec doesn’t mean its the best that’s for sure. We’re not saying tear apart your rifle and put one of these on it. Most people now a days build their rifles so its an upgrade over your standard barrel nut that costs less.

You can purchase the new CORE15 StressProof® Steel Barrel Nut for just $7.50 at