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KAK Industry is a company we ran across by chance and pretty much fell in love with. They make some really awesome stuff including multiple different types of buffer tubes, barrels, flash hiders, compensators, etc. and the company’s owned and operated by a great guy. These aren’t products they source out and just laser their name on either. They seriously make these right there in their shop. We love to support Americans who are making great products and KAK Industry is just that. Lately I’ve posted about some KAK parts and people have been asking who they were and what the quality was like so I wanted to write something up regarding my personal experience with their parts.

I originally approached Kurt to ask about his Fluted Pistol Buffer Tube that caught my eye in some photos. After talking a bit he asked if I was interested in checking out one of their 300BLK barrels, shoot the heck out of it and send it back when I was done. Of course I was interested so he sent me a barrel, gas tube, gas block and one of their KAK KeyMod rails. I already had a stripped upper laying around and a Smith Enterprise 7.62 Vortex flash hider. All of the parts appeared to be very well spec’d and went together with no issues. Using a Geissele Automatics REACTION ROD I was able to assemble the upper in no time.

KAK 300BLK with SanTan BAD CMC Magpul 2

KAK 300BLK with SanTan BAD CMC Magpul 2

I decided to use my San Tan Tactical STT-15 billet ambi lower with a CMC Triggers Flat 3.5lb drop-in trigger, a Battle Arms Development safety and Magpul furniture to finish off the build. I also used a set of Troy sights and as you can sort of see in the picture above the front sight has a Blitzkrieg Components Chevron FSP in it. 

One of the things I’m very careful about with 300BLK is making sure myself, or anyone else shooting my guns, can’t accidentally mistake a mag full of 5.56 for 300BLK or vice versa. That never ends well so I had my buddy Adam over at A Breon Custom make me a PMAG with the 300 BLACKOUT text on the sides and I make sure ONLY 300BLK gets put in the mag. This is especially important if you’re taking another upper or rifle with you.

KAK 300BLK with SanTan BAD CMC Magpul 2

The overall feel of this rifle is great. As with most KeyMod handguards, it’s very smooth so there’s no need for gloves really. It’s also very lightweight. The top 1913 Picatinny rail is removable so you could technically have a completely round smooth tube if you didn’t need that top rail, such as on a build with a red dot and no BUIS, etc. 

KAK 300BLK with SanTan BAD CMC Magpul 2

So far I’ve got a few hundred rounds through the rifle with no issues at all. It’s run like a champ even during our harsh Winter we’ve just come out of. With this rifle I wasn’t really going for a long distance build or anything but it has been very accurate and consistent. The 416 Stainless barrel looks as good as it shoots too.  The carbine length gas system has been perfect with no FTE/FTF’s and bolt locks back on empty mag every time. Overall…I’d have to say it’s been awesome. 

All I wanted to do with this article is to show you an upper I built using KAK parts that has been very reliable and accurate. It’s not a paid article (Just FYI, I never charge anything for articles). This was written for you guys who have asked what the quality is like and hopefully the next time you’re in the market for some new parts you’ll have another source to check out. As usual, I’ve put links to most of the items used in this article so you can get additional details and even purchase if you desire to. 

KAK Industry 16″ 300BLK 1/8 416 Stainless Barrel
KAK Industry Upper Parts (Gas Block, Gas Tube)
KAK Industry 12.5″ KeyMod Handguard
CMC Triggers 3.5lb Trigger
Smith Enterprise 7.62 Vortex Flash Hider
A Breon Custom Mag
San Tan Tactical STT-15 Grenade Lower (use code “
AR15newsLuckyCode” to save $40)

Most of you are probably familiar with the guys from A Breon Custom whether you know it or not.  They have been doing custom graphics infusion on PMAGs for years now.  They make PMAGs with logos, images or even like my PMAG that says “300 Blackout” on it.  With the entire nation buying up all of the PMAGs for the foreseeable future its been a real struggle for him to keep up his own supply for the business.  In some ways you would think this is a negative thing but what it really did is made A Breon Custom open their eyes and look for other awesome products they could offer and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for them.  Over the past few months they have been perfecting infusing custom graphics onto Kydex.  

A Breon Custom - G-CODE Holster 1a

Kydex is a plastic that when heated up becomes very flexible and once it cools it hardens to whatever shape you molded it to.  Do to its extreme lightweight and durability, Kydex is used to make some of the most popular holsters on the market today.  Very soon you’ll be able to send your Kydex holster in to A Breon Custom and have any type of graphic applied right to the holster.  I can see people putting names, department names, logos, etc. on them.  Gonna be pretty slick.  You’re going to want to “LIKE” the A Breon Custom Facebook page as that is where they will be announcing the start of this awesome new product.  You can also check out their website at

A Breon Custom - G-CODE Holster 3

A Breon Custom - G-CODE Holster 2


So our 300 AAC Blackout complete upper build is pretty much finished.  So far we’ve shared 3 articles showing the progress of this build.  We’ll be showing you all the final product soon and then do a range report as well.  Right now we’re going to show you a few accessories we chose for this build.  No massive scopes, no IR Lasers, no wires running all over, etc.  We wanted to keep it simple, lightweight and clean.  With the help of a few of my friends we were able to do just that.  Check out the awesome light, light mount, hand stop and custom mag we chose below!  Continue reading “ 300 AAC Blackout Build – Accessorizing” »

Once again we had a record number of participants.   I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and at least learned about some really awesome companies.  Speaking of which, we need to say a HUGE “Thank you” to all of our Sponsors.  A Breon Custom, American Gunfighters, Battle Arms Development, Core15 Rifle Systems, GoGun USA ,, ITW Military Products, Mission First Tactical, Rainier Arms LLC, TacStrike and Tomahawk Tactical.  Without their generosity we obviously would not have anything to give away to our awesome fans.  We’d also like to say “Thank you” to our fans.  You guys are awesome.  Anyone want to know who won???  Continue reading “6,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway Winner Announcement” »

Well, I would have to say that this was not only our largest giveaway in terms of overall ginormous amount of prizes (well over $1,000 in total) from our amazing sponsors but also in the amount of participation from all of our awesome fans on Facebook.  It is always fun to put these together.  We not only get to help spread the word about some great companies but also get to reward you guys with a chance to win some of the products that they make. 

A huge “Thanks” to our sponsors.  A Breon Custom, Adams Arms, Anderson Manufacturing, Core 15 Rifle Systems, EXOTAC, Impact Weapons Components, INFORCE, Tomahawk Tactical and Weapon Outfitters / Centurion Arms.  You guys made this giveaway a huge success and we appreciate your support!

Anderson Manufacturing also donated a Freefloating Handguard

Now lets see who won!  Each participant was assigned a number based on the position of their Tag/Comment.  I used to pick the winners.   The numbers drawn, in order, were 195, 31 and 158.  Therefore the winners are as follows.  Drum Roll Please!!!   Continue reading “Facebook 4,000 Fan Giveaway Winners!” »

We finally made it!  I’m sure many of you have been crossing your fingers for the last 4 days hoping to see your name in the list of winners.  The wait is over.  Huge “Thanks” goes out to our sponsors Mission First Tactical, Weapon Outfitters, GoGun USA, A Breon Custom, Battle Arms Development and Shooter Tactical.  Mission First Tactical generously donated enough prizes for 5 total winners so we will have one (1) grand prize winner and four (4) second place winners. 

All 5 winners will receive an MFT EPG16 (pistol grip), MFT RSG (short vertical grip & TSM (Light/Laser Mount), MFT Mag coupler, MFT Patches, t-shirt, and stickers plus a $50 MFT gift card from Mission First Tactical.

The Grand Prize Winner will also receive a $150 gift card towards the purchase of any Centurion Arms Rail System from Weapon Outfitters, a NoTalon SuperComp Rifle Brake from GoGun USA, a custom designed “Dog Tag” PMAG with your name on it from A Breon Custom, a brand new design Battle Arms Development T-Shirt and a Woodland Camo Tactical Vest from Shooter Tactical.

With no further ado, the winners are….. Continue reading “ 3,000 Facebook fan giveaway – Winner Announcement!!” »