So our 300 AAC Blackout complete upper build is pretty much finished.  So far we’ve shared 3 articles showing the progress of this build.  We’ll be showing you all the final product soon and then do a range report as well.  Right now we’re going to show you a few accessories we chose for this build.  No massive scopes, no IR Lasers, no wires running all over, etc.  We wanted to keep it simple, lightweight and clean.  With the help of a few of my friends we were able to do just that.  Check out the awesome light, light mount, hand stop and custom mag we chose below! 

As we all know one of the greatest parts about the 300 AAC Blackout round is that the only thing you need to change on your current AR (or upper in our case) is the barrel.  It even uses the same magazines as you use with your .223/5.56 rounds.  This is all great but it also made me aware of the fact that all of the parts needed to be easily identified as either .223/5.56 or 300 AAC Blackout. 

I’ve already shown you the caliber specific dust covers I purchased from Wilson Combat to be able to quickly identify the upper caliber.  The next step was to be able to identify which of my PMAG’s has the 300 Blackout ammo in it.  This might sound easy for you or me but for those who are not as familiar with both rounds they can look very similar.  For this project I turned to a buddy of mine who owns A BREON CUSTOM.  He was able to create a great looking custom PMAG for me.  A BREON CUSTOM infuses designs into any polymer material.  I didn’t want anything over the top but wanted it to say very clearly “300 Blackout”.  Here is the design he came up with.  Check it out!

The guys at A BREON CUSTOM are so good at this that it looks like the mag was created with the lettering on it.  This is my first experience with any of their work and I’m totally impressed.  Needless to say, I’ll be back for more!

This awesome design and many others can be ordered at

I also wanted to add a few lightweight parts to the build.  One being a light and light mount and the other being something to help with weapon control.  The light and light mount were the two areas I was most concerned about being too heavy.  I spoke to Earl from Impact Weapons Components and he recommended that I use the Thorntail light mount which is produced by Impact Weapons Components for Haley Strategic Partners.  This turned out to be an absolutely awesome suggestion.

The Thorntail is a very lightweight 1913 compatible light mount which is designed to help push the light out in front of the rail system and tuck it in at a 45 degree offset giving the user much more space for their hands or other accessories.  This is exactly what I needed as I am using a 10″ Samson STAR-MX rail but have pretty long arms and big hands.  Earl recommended coupling the Thorntail with a SureFire G2X Tactical light to save weight so that’s what I did. 

[combogallery id=’33’]


As with every piece of Impact Weapons Components parts I’ve had the pleasure of handling, the Thorntail is one fine piece of engineering.  It was extremely easy to install and looks great.  HSP and IWC designed it to be ambidextrous and can be mounted in eight different ways and in any location that best suits the user.  If you don’t have a 1913 rail they also make a great option for round slotted handguards called the Dropwing which is very similar to the Thorntail. 

I also chose to use my Impact Weapons Components Handstop for this build.  This has become my favorite handstops.  The IWC Handstop is very compact and extremely well built.  It only takes up one recoil slot on the rail and is small enough that I can position it between two fingers which is my preferred setup. 

You can purchase the Thorntail, Handstop and many other innovative accessories from  Don’t forget that all of our readers can get 5% off all orders from IWC when they use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout. 

Keep an eye out for my next 300 Blackout article coming soon which will show you exactly what the finished 300 Blackout Upper looks like.