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Damage Industries – Tax Relief Sale

Posted on April 23rd, 2014 by ar15news

Damage Industries is doing it again with a huge sale on their AR-15 parts categories. For a limited time only, use the code “RELIEF27” to save 27% off all parts under the “AR15/M16 Products” category. This is seriously one of those times you should stock up on some great mil spec parts for current and future builds. Head on over to and select from the sub categories under the AR15/M15 Products category at the top left of your screen. 

620 Damage Industries Tax Relief Sale

Take some pressure off tax season with this coupon code for 27% off our AR-15 product categories.


AR15/M16 Products >>

• AR15/M16 Barrel Assembly
• AR15/M16 Upper Parts
• AR15/M16 Lower Parts
• AR15/M16 Spare Parts Kits

April is no time to fool around at Damage Industries. Use coupon code “NOFOOLIN” for 33% off everything store-wide! This deal expires tomorrow so don’t wait too long.

620 April 33 percent Sale

Sweet Deal!! Complete M4 Buttstock Assembly

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by ar15news

Building an AR-15? You’re gonna need one of these! Damage Industries just lowered the price of their Complete M4 Buttstock Assembly to just $45 which is already an awesome deal. They’ve also added the option to upgrade the buffer spring to their Enhanced Recoil Spring for just $5 more. These USA Made kits are very high quality and feature mil spec 7-series aluminum buffer tubes. I’ve personally purchased a few of these kits and they are top notch! The Enhanced Recoil Spring are USA made as well of Chrome Silicon Spring Wire to enhance operation and can help reduce bolt bounce with consistent pressure. Get in on this deal now. Not sure how long they plan on keeping this pricing around.  

Damage Industried Complete M4 buttstock kit

Kit includes: 
• M4 telescoping buttstock 
• Mil-spec receiver extension (6 position) 7075 Aluminum
• Castle nut 
• End plate 
• Buffer, recoil 
• Recoil spring, stainless
• Recoil spring, Chrome Silicon (add $5)

March End Plate Madness Sale at Damage Industries

Posted on March 25th, 2014 by ar15news

One of the things I love most about Damage Industries is that they only put out very high quality parts. I’ve used their parts on many rifles and have never regretted it and I’ve never heard of anyone who has. Another reason I like them so much…they like to put together a sale once a month and we all love a good sale. This month they’ve put all of their AR-15 End Plate’s on sale. Plus you can add a QD Swivel for just $10. Check out the details below. 

620 End Plate Madness

All styles of our end plates are on sale – PLUS add a qd swivel to your end plate order for only $10! (Tell us in your order comments which swivel you want, or we’ll pick one at random for you.)

USGI M4 End Plate $2.10
Ambi Snap Hook End Plate $10.00
Tri QD End Plate $24
Ambi QD End Plate $24
Single QD End Plate $13.50
Thin Profile Single QD End Plate (Steel or Aluminum) $13.50
MAD End Plate Mk I (Multi-Adaptable Design) $17.00
MAD End Plate Mk II (Multi-Adaptable Design) $15.00

Sale link:

One of the most import part you’ll need to buy when building an AR Pistol is the correct buffer tube. The rules dictate that a Pistol can not have an way to accept a stock or any means of shouldering the weapon. A Pistol Buffer Tube is basically just a round tube that allows the AR-15’s BCG, Buffer and Buffer Spring to function but does not allow you to slide on a stock of any kind. 

Our friends over at Damage Industries just introduced two new products for the AR Pistol. First is an AR Pistol Buffer Tube that is made from 7075-T6 billet Aluminum, anodized black and features a rotation limited QD sling mount on the end of it. The second product is a cover that is designed specifically for Pistol Buffer Tubes that lets you ad some color to match the rest of the grips, rail covers, etc. on your AR Pistol. Check out the pics and details of these two new products below. 

NEW! Damage Industries pistol buffer tube with Quick-Detach swivel socket. 1.250″ outside diameter, machined from 7075 billet, hard-coat anodized to Mil-A-8625 type III. These tubes can be utilized with standard length carbine buffer and spring. Features limited-rotation QD Sling Swivel Socket at the end. $28.45

620 Damage Industries Pistol Buffer Tube QD 1

Damage Industries Pistol Buffer Tube Covers. Made in USA with cordura nylon, secures tightly to the pistol receiver extension tube with Velcro. Available in black, khaki, multicam, and OD Green. Swivel sold separately. Intro Price $9.95 (+$2 for Multicam), regularly $12.95 (+$2 for Multicam)

620 Damage Industries Pistol Buffer Tube Covers

Damage Industries Valentine’s Day Sale

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by ar15news

Damage Industries apparently feels the same way about AR-15’s as I do. Since they love the AR-15 so much they decided to have a Valentine’s Day Sale.  They always have great deals all over their website but right now they have a specific section with all of the “<3 AR-LOVE <3″ deals in one place. If you don’t see the part you’re looking for there you can also use the code “AR-LOVE” to take 20% off all items in the AR-15 categories. Take a look for yourself below. 

Damage Industries Valentines Day Sale 620

Use coupon code “AR-LOVE” for 20% off our AR-15 Categories. Coupon doesn’t count toward already discounted items in the “AR-LOVE” category.

Lots more great deals, but here’s some highlights:
Complete Lower Assembly Kit w/buttstock $90
BCG $99
2 for 1 swivels
Hammer/Trigger Group Kits $25
Pink Furniture Kits on sale
Multimount & GI QD Socket Mount $15 ea.

Check out all the discounted products here:

NEW!! Damage Industries Reversible QD End Plate and QDS3

Posted on February 1st, 2014 by ar15news

Seems I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve neglected my good friends over at Damage Industries. They always have some really great deals and awesome products. They recently introduced a couple of brand new products that are really cool and stuff that would definitely be of interest to our AR15NEWS readers. The first is the Multi Adaptable Carbine End Plate. The second is a brand new style of QD sling attachment called the QDS3 (Quick Detach Silent Sling Swivel). I have the info for both of these items listed below.

The Multi Adaptable Carbine End Plate that features multiple sling attachment options including 2 QD points (one center and one on the side) and one Hook Loop on the side. This may not sound completely new but the major difference is that this end plate can be flipped around letting you determine which side you want the outer QD and Hook Loop on. Its also made of 4140 Steel and Phosphate coated but very high strength and corrosion resistance. Best of all, they’re just $19.95 each. You can purchase them at

620 Damage Industries Multi Adaptable QD End Plate

The other cool new product that they introduced just today is the QDS3 or Quick Detach Silent Sling Swivel. This new swivel is called the Silent Sling Swivel because it eliminates the normal loop and has a machined in loop that doesn’t move. This will be most silent when used in conjunction with a sling webbing but you could also attach other items such as a sling that has hook attachments to this which would work pretty nicely as well. This QD is made entirely of Stainless Steel and will feature a Black Oxide finish. As with all Damage Industries products, these are made right here in the USA. Look for the new QDS3 to be available for purchase very soon.

620 Damage Industries QDS3 1

620 Damage Industries QDS3 2

620 Damage Industries QD End Plate and QDS3

Damage Industries – Inventory Reduction Sale

Posted on January 13th, 2014 by ar15news

Damage Industries is having a beginning of the year Inventory Reduction Sale that is pretty impressive. Whenever I see sales like this I tend to go through my parts stash and figure out what’s missing so I can snag some needed items at a great deal instead of paying retail when I realize I need it. There are a couple of deals that I personally am immediately interested in such as the Milspec Complete M4 Telescoping Buttstock Kit for $45, 1913 Drop-in Rail for $69 and Lower Parts Kit for $50. Plus there are tons of other great deals. Head on over to to take advantage of this sale.  

620 Damage Industries Inventory Reduction Sale

Damage Industries Deal of the Week

Posted on December 10th, 2013 by ar15news

Here’s the latest installment of the Damage Industries Deal of the Week. This deal is a bit different than usual as it runs through the beginning of next month. That gives you plenty of time to order some stuff as Christmas presents and to use some of that money you get from Christmas to stock up on some great gun parts. There are lots of stuff for sale but a couple of my favorites are their awesome LPK, Forward Grips and Complete Lower Build Kit (minus buttstock). Get some at

620 Damage Industries Holiday Blowout Sale

Holiday Year End Blowout – All products made in USA!

While supplies last, take advantage of some great savings!

• Carbine Drop-In Rail $76.45
• AK Modular Forearms now only $100!
• ECS Stocks $89.99 Ships FREE with matching pistol grips and rail covers!
• Select muzzle brakes & comps $10
• Forward Grips $19.95
• 2 for 1 QD swivels (all styles)
• Standard M4 Buttstocks $17.45
• Lower Parts Kit $54.95
• Complete Lower Parts Kit (minus buttstock) $99
• Upper Tri-Assembly Packs $24.95

Damage Industries – Holiday Blowout Sale

Posted on November 21st, 2013 by ar15news

Damage Industries is having a Holiday Blowout Sale that you’re definitely going to want to check out. They’ve sort of combined some of their previous Deal of the Week items with some great prices on items such as a M4 Collapsible Buttstock, etc. Be sure to take a look around at You might even find some good holiday gifts there.

620 Damage Industrieds Holiday Blowout Sale

Now through Dec 2nd:

All AR-15 Spare Parts Kits on sale.
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for All QD Swivels and Multi-Mounts.
M4 Carbine Buttstock $19.95
1/2 x 28 compensator $9.95
And more.



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