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Geissele SMR MK2 In-Stock and On Sale For Just $195

Posted on July 28th, 2014 by ar15news

Geissele rails are one of those things where its hard to explain how awesome they are until you’ve used one. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none and, just like their triggers, are worth every penny. If you’ve been wanting to add an awesome Geissele rail to your rifle but have had a hard time ponying up nearly $300 for one, now’s your chance to snag one cheaper than you would pay for a lesser quality rail. Geissele just put some SMR MK2 13″ rails back in-stock and they are on sale for just $195. You can upgrade to the DDC (Desert Dirt Color) for an additional $25. Plus you get a free swag pack with each purchase. I have no idea how long this pricing will last so head on over to and snag as many as you can.

Geissele SMR MK2 On Sale 1a

Geissele SMR MK2 On Sale 1a

Sneak Peek – Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter

Posted on July 9th, 2014 by ar15news

Very soon, Law Tactical will be releasing their new Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter so I wanted to give you guys a quick overview of the new Gen 3 and its new features and a few additional details. For those that are not familiar with the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter, it basically is exactly what the name describes. It is a device allows you to fold the stock of virtually any AR-15 or AR-10 rifle to the side and then locks back in place when not folded which can be very useful for concealment, storage and transport. 

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 8 Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 8

Below are photos of the new Gen 3 Adapter which at a quick glance doesn’t look much different than the Gen 2. Lets take a closer look though. In the box you see the usual adapter, threaded flange, bolt carrier extension, buffer tube retaining pin/spring and the newest addition to the kit with the Gen 3 which is the included installation tool. In the past you used to have to either create your own tool or purchase one. Now Law Tactical will include the T-shaped installation tool with the adapter.

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 7

One of the single greatest upgrades that the Gen 3 adapter received was brought on by Law Tactical listening to their customers. The previous Gen 2 model was a great product but it had a few kinks in its armor. One such issue was that the folding hinge was high enough that unless you were careful you could easily rack your knuckles across it while using the charging handle. The Gen 3 folding hinge has been lowered a full 1/2 inch which should really help a ton.

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 4

The Bolt Carrier Extension also received some attention. Because you are placing the folding adapter between the lower receiver and the buffer tube, you have to increase the length of the Bolt Carrier so that it stays in contact with the Buffer and Spring. The previous models required that you insert the Bolt Carrier Extension into the Bolt Carrier, turn a screw until it was tight inside but also required a tool to remove it and also had to be installed in a certain way so it wouldn’t interfere with the buffer retaining pin. The new Gen 3 model just uses a couple of rubber O-Rings allowing you to just insert or remove the Bolt Carrier Extension without the use of any tools. The new Gen 3 Bolt Carrier Extension is not only tooless to install and remove, but also is symmetrical in design, meaning that it can be turned in any orientation and cannot interfere with the buffer retaining pin. 

There are a lot of miss-informed people, who have never even tried the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter, that say you can’t separate the upper and lower receivers of your AR while using this adapter because of the Bolt Carrier Extension. This is actually not 100% true. With most rifles, to separate the upper and lower receivers you simply pull both the take down and pivot pins in the lower, then lift up from the muzzle end of the upper and slide it out, reverse the steps for putting back together. Simple as that. Some rifles don’t have the same machining of the fire control pocket and won’t allow that.

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 1

Another update was that the entire Housing, Locking Lug and Latch have been upgraded to 4140 Tool Steel. The Locking Lug, which keeps the BCG from falling out when the stock is folded, is now larger as well. In the past Law Tactical has not recommend shooting the rifle while the stock is folded as it would damage the mechanism. With the new 4140 Tool Steel material and beefed up Locking Lug on the Gen 3, it is quite possible that they may change their stance on that. I’ll wait on their official word on that before trying it myself.

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 5

Last but not least is the set screw which keeps the Gen 3 adapter from loosening from the receiver by locking the threaded adapter into the receiver. This is a nice upgrade as in the past you needed to use Loctite to make sure the threaded flange didn’t come lose. Having a set screw will make assembly/disassembly much easier.

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 6

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 3 Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter 3

So as you can see, there were some very nice upgrades made for the new Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter. They really thought through the whole product and made all of the essential upgrades to make this a first class product. Be on the look out for the new Gen 3 adapters to be available very soon. The projected release date is by the end of this month. Thew new price will be $229 and available for purchase at

NEW!! 556 Tactical Stryke KeyMod Rail (SKR) System

Posted on June 30th, 2014 by ar15news

Our friends at 556 Tactical keep rolling out some awesome new AR-15 components. The latest addition is to their already awesome line of rail systems and is called the SKR or Stryke KeyMod Rail. The SKR features the signature 556 Tactical angled cut on the front end of the rail giving it a very unique and awesome look. It also features a different mounting setup with a proprietary barrel nut that attaches to the rail using 6 bolts. As with most KeyMod rails, the SKR has KeyMod slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock sides as well as a full length 1913 Picatinny rail section at 12 o’clock. Obviously no rail would be complete without QD Sling Mounts towards the rear on both sides too. The SKR comes in both a 12.1″ and 15″ lengths and are available for purchase right now at Details and pictures below.

620 556 Tactical SKR 12 and 15 Inch 1

620 556 Tactical SKR 1

556 Tactical is pleased to announce Stryke Keymod Rail System (SKR). The SKR KeyMod handguards features the KeyMod Interface System developed for multiple accessory compatibility without the need for picatinny rails surrounding your handguard. The improved design enhances the rails comfort and functionality without sacrificing strength or durability. Industry leading features include a solid handguard machined from extruded 6061-T6 aluminum, a continuous top Picatinny rail and QD sling swivel points at the front and rear of the handguard. This super-slim handguard is designed to work with carbine, mid- and rifle length Direct Impingement (DI) gas systems.

Type: 1 Piece Free Float
Length: 15″ and 12.1″
Weight: (15″) 11.8 oz (with barrel nut) 8.9 oz (without barrel nut) AND (12.1″) 10.3oz (with barrel nut) 7.4oz (without barrel nut)
Rails: Continous Top Picatinny Rail, KeyMod Interface System
QD Attachment: Rotation Limited slots front and rear
Internal Dimension: 1.35″
External Dimension: Height: 2.1″; Width: 1.8″
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish: Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat Anodized – Black

Five New Billet Upper Versions from CMT Tactical

Posted on June 17th, 2014 by ar15news

CMT Tactical has been making some really nice billet upper and lower receivers for a while now. You might be thinking, “Yeah, everyone is making billet receivers now.” and you aren’t too far off. What’s setting CMT Tactical apart is their true dedication to quality and the fact that they are willing to develop additional variations of their receives to meet the needs of their customers and potential customers. Recently they introduced five, yes you read that correct F-I-V-E, new versions of their billet AR-15 upper receiver starting at just $128. I’ve listed these new uppers below. Two are in-stock now and the other three will be out next month. Check them out and see if any of them will work for your next build.

First up is the CMT Tactical UPUR-1A. This upper has all of the same features as the original UPUR-1 upper (forward assist, dust cover, 7075-T6 construction, etc) but now features an enlarged Ejection Port making it compatible with 458 SOCOM builds. This upper is in-stock now!

620 CMT Tactical UPUR-1a billet upper

Second is the CMT Tactical UPUR-2. The UPUR-2 is very similar to the standard CMT Tactical billet upper but they’ve removed the Forward Assist. It still has a Shell Deflector and a Dust Cover and is NOT compatible with 458 SOCOM builds. This upper will be available for purchase July 2014.

620 CMT Tactical UPUR-2 billet upper

The third new upper is the CMT Tactical UPUR-3 billet upper. Basically take the UPUR-1A and remove the dust cover and forward assist. You now have a Slick Side billet AR-15 upper that will work great for any AR build but has the enlarged Ejection Port for 458 SOCOM builds. This upper is in-stock now!

620 CMT Tactical UPUR-3 billet upper

The CMT Tactical UPUR-3A is the fourth new upper from CMT Tactical and basically expands on the UPUR-3 upper. This version has a cutout for side charging BCG’s and large enough Ejection Port opening to be compatible with 458 SOCOM builds. This upper will be available for purchase July 2014.

620 CMT Tactical UPUR-3a billet upper

The fifth and final new upper is the CMT Tactical UPUR-4. This upper is a new Slick Side version that addresses the concerns many people have with Slick Side uppers and that is the lack of a Dust Cover to keep contaminants out of the upper. The new UPUR-4 has no Forward Assist or Shell Deflector but it does still let you use a Dust Cover which is a cool feature. As with most of these new uppers the Ejection Port has been slight enlarged to work with 458 SOCOM builds. This upper will be available for purchase July 2014.

620 CMT Tactical UPUR-4 billet upper

Quentin Defense is pretty well know for affordable, quality billet and forged receivers including some awesome lowers with different Military branch symbol roll marks. QD recently introduced some brand new products to their already awesome lineup of billet AR receivers including two brand new ambi lowers and a .308 Billet upper.

First is the new ambi billet lowers. They look like the standard QD billet but feature an Ambi Bolt Release. These are being offered in both 100% and 80% configurations. The 100%’s are anodized and look great. The 80% model is not anodized and needs to have the fire control pocket machined out but DOES include the ambi bolt release. I really like that QD added the ambi option especially to the 80% model as that is pretty rare in the 80% world.

Quentin Defense Ambi Billet 80% Lower

Quentin Defense Ambi 80 percent Billet Lower

Quentin Defense Ambi Billet 100% Lower

Quentin Defense Ambi Billet Lower


At the beginning of the year I started telling people that this was going to be the year of the .308 AR. So far this year we’ve seen more .308 components pop up than ever before. Quentin Defense has just introduced a nice looking DPMS profile .308 Billet upper receiver. Definitely worth checking out if you’re planning a .308 build.

Quentin Defense Billet .308 Upper

Quentin Defense billet 308 upper

SLR Rifleworks just released the first look at their new M-LOK version of their popular SOLO Series Handguard. As most of you know, Magpul recently revealed that they will be using a new mounting system called M-LOK instead of the currently in use KeyMod. For the longest time people have been wishing Magpul would make KeyMod accessories. Knowing now that they will only be doing M-LOK accessories is sure to sell a ton of M-LOK rails such as this SOLO Series from SLR Rifleworks. According to SLR Rifleworks these will be available for purchase as early as today so head on over to and keep hitting that refresh button.  

620 SLR Rifleworks SOLO M-LOK Rail 2

620 SLR Rifleworks SOLO M-LOK Rail 2

SLR Rifleworks on Facebook

It’s a pretty well known fact that Elzetta Design makes the highest quality, indestructible tactical lights on the market and that they are 100% American Made Small Made in USA flag. What’s not so well known is that each year, Elzetta comes out with a small run of limited edition versions of their awesome flashlights. This year they have introduced another awesome looking limited edition model that is only available in Stealth Gray instead of the usual all black. The new Stealth Gray is a 2-cell Bravo 650 lumen model with a Crenelated Bezel and you get to choose between the Standard or Flood lens and High/Low or High/Strobe Tailcaps. 

620 Elzetta Design Stealth Gray Bravo Light 1

The Stealth Gray Elzetta Design flashlight may not give you super powers or make you an operator but it will definitely give you confidence in knowing that your light will still be standing with you no matter how dark it gets. If you are unfamiliar with Elzetta Design lights, CLICK HERE to see our past articles regarding Elzetta lights OR just click here to see the Google Results for “Elzetta Torture Test”.

The limited edition models are priced exactly the same as standard models which is a nice change since most places charge more for limited edition anything. You can check out the new website and purchase the Stealth Gray Limited Edition model or any other model for that matter at

KAK Industry SUPER SIG Package Deal

Posted on April 30th, 2014 by ar15news

I’ve posted about the KAK Industry SUPER SIG TUBE in the past. Its basically an AR Pistol buffer tube that is specifically designed for use with the Sig SB15 arm brace. Towards the front of the tube it features a neck that keeps the SB15 from sliding all the way down to the receiver which makes it longer. It also allows you to use the KAK Industry Length Adjustment Kit for the SB15. Just last night they started offering a complete kit which includes a Black SIG ARM BRACE, KAK SUPER SIG TUBE, CHROME SILICON CARBINE SPRING, STANDARD CARBINE BUFFER, KAK QD CARBINE ENDPLATE, CASTLE NUT and LENGTH ADJUSTMENT KIT for just $215 which saves you $20 over buying them separately. This is a great kit for anyone looking to build a great, functional AR Pistol. Pick up your kit at

620 KAK Industry Sig SB15 Super Sig Tube CS

620 KAK Industry Sig SB15 Super Sig Tube CS

620 KAK Industry Sig SB15 Super Sig Tube CS

620 KAK Industry Sig SB15 Super Sig Tube CSPhoto courtesy of KAK Industry customer Kyle Murphy.

KAK Super Sig Combo Deal - XFIREPIXPhoto courtesy of CROSSFIRE Photography

Fortis Switch .308 Rail 12″ and 14″ Models Released Today

Posted on April 25th, 2014 by ar15news

Fortis Manufacturing just released their innovative new Switch rail for .308 rifles today. The Switch rail is a quick release/install KeyMod rail that allows you to remove or install the rail by using the lever on the bottom of the rail. This gives you easy access to the barrel and gas system for cleaning and also lets you have multiple rails with different setups that you can easily swap out depending on what you need at the time. The Fortis Switch .308 rail is designed for SR-25/DPMS style .308 AR rifles. Rainier Arms has received the first shipment of rails and is offering them all at a special introductory price. Check out the pics and specs below then head on over to and purchase one for yourself.


Fortis MFG’s quick detach rail system SWITCH™ features a brand new locking mechanism that allows a tool-less removal of the rail itself for easy access to the proprietary barrel nut and gas block, and what we believe is most important, is to be able to quickly change rails for a variety of mission or competition specific setups.

These .308 versions weighs in at a mere 8.7oz for the 12” model and 10oz for the 14”. Each model will feature Keymod Slots and QD Attachment Points at the 3, 6 and 9 O’clock position as well as a full length Picatinny Rail on top.

-  12″ = 12.42″ long, 14″ = 14.76” long
-  Rail Body 6061 T6 Alum
-  Handle 7075 T6 Alum
-  Mil. Spec. Hard-coat Anodized
-  4140 heat treaded barrel nut (1-7/16 X 16 T.P.I.)
-  Clamp torque setting 32 in.-lb.

Fortis .308 Switch 1

Fortis .308 Switch 1

Fortis .308 Switch 1

Fortis .308 Switch 1Photo by Stickman

New!! 16.5″ Solo LITE KeyMod Handguard from SLR Rifleworks

Posted on April 2nd, 2014 by ar15news

There are tons of AR-15 hand guards on the market. The newest, most popular version would be KeyMod rails with their unique style of mounting accessories and slim/lightweight style. With the most common style of AR-15 features a 16″ barrel, you will typically find most rails in lengths anywhere from 7″ all the way out to 15″. However, there are plenty of with AR’s that have 18″+ barrels on them. For those of you looking for a longer rail option, SLR Rifleworks has a new 16.5″ version of their Solo LITE KeyMod rail that looks awesome. 

SLR Rifleworks 16.5 Solo LITE Rail 1

-  16.5″ Billet Version
-  1.3″ ID
-  Lightweight Design 12.5oz w/hardware
-  Super slim profile
-  KeyMod mounts utilize all KeyMod accessories
-  SLR’s QMod – All KeyMod mounting holes double as QD Mounts
-  Hardcoat Anodize
-  New clamp system fully shrouds clamp hardware
-  7075 Billet barrel nut
-  Barrel nut can be loosened with gas tube in place
-  Grade 8 Fasteners
-  Stainless Locking Plate
-  Proven anti-rotation and anti slip system
-  No Special Tools Need for Barrel Nut
-  Continuous top rail design
-  Mil-Spec 1913 Mounting rails
-  Mega Compatible available upon request

SLR Rifleworks 16.5 Solo LITE Rail 1

SLR Rifleworks 16.5 Solo LITE Rail 1

I do not personally own any SLR Rifleworks rails but I did shoot some photos for them a while back and they are really great feeling rails. The rifle shown above has a 16″ barrel and a Kuuma Comp from Balistic Advantage. I think this would be cool to see on an 18″ or 20″ barreled AR. The craziest part is that this whole 16.5″ rail only weighs 12.5 ounces including the barrel nut and hardware. Another cool feature is the SLR QMod that makes each KeyMod slot double as a QD Sling Mount. That means there are 51 different possible spots to attach your QD Sling. These 16.5″ rails are being anodized as we speak and will be available for purchase soon. Head on over to and check them out for yourself.



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