The Gerber SAH (Safety Auto Hook) is Gerber’s answer to the call of many active Military, LEO and EMT personnel to have an extremely high quality Tactical Knife with a fast acting built-in safety hook that is not integrated into the actual blade of the knife.  A safety hook is designed to assist in cutting Seat Belts, Webbing on Military Gear, Para Cord and other material in rescue situations.  The Gerber SAH from all appearances is a standard Tactical Knife but hidden inside the handle is a spring operated safety hook that is about as razor sharp as they come.  As you can imagine this would also come in handy for the civilian who wants to be prepared for these type of situations as well.

The safety hook is not a new idea but most are built as standalone tools.  There are a few knives (including other Gerber models) that do offer a built-in safety hook but typically they are built into the back of the blade of the knife which causes two different problems.  First is if you try to use the safety hook while while the blade is closed the blade can come open very easily.  Second is if you are using the safety hook while the blade is in the locked open position you have an exposed blade that could either cut you or the person you are trying to rescue.  The difference with the Gerber SAH is that the blade for the Safety Hook is completely separate from the main blade of the knife.  This way you can open the safety hook while the blade is still closed without the possibility of cutting yourself or anyone else.

The safety hook is operated by the lock and release mechanism on the back of the knife.  All you need to do is slide the lock, depress the release button and out comes the safety hook.  The safety hook can not be deployed unless you have unlocked it first.

Gerber SAH "Locked" position

Gerber SAH "Un-Locked" position


The Gerber SAH even without the automatic safety hook is an amazing knife.  The blade is a very robust MDP (Modified Drop Point) Tactical Blade with a partially serrated edge.  The blade has a Titanium Nitride coating and is made of CPM S30V High Carbon Stainless Steel that gives is excellent edge retention and strength.  It also features a liquid smooth action that can be operated easily with either hand using the ambi thumb studs. The blade is secured in the open position using an easy to access frame lock.

The frame (handle) itself is made of stainless steel with a G10 cover on the one side.  The side without the G10 has a large but not obtrusive clip for securing it in your pocket.  Along the back near the pivot for the knife is a set of comfortable thumb grooves designed to push on with your thumb for added force.  These same grooves are also cut into the other side for additional finger grip.  Gerber also included a nice Dzus Fastener driver/Flat Head Screw driver that can be used while the blade is closed.  Dzus fasteners are used to secure panels in equipment, airplanes, motorcycles, and racing cars that must be removed often and/or quickly so you can imagine how this can come in handy.

Just want to say a special “Thanks” to my friend Mike at Gerber for allowing me to do this review.  I’ve personally carried this knife everyday for the past 2 months and have thoroughly enjoyed using it.  If it weren’t for the fact that Gerber gave this one to me for review I would definitely buy one myself.  Fortunately I haven’t run into too many situations recently where I have needed the safety hook.  However, I did use it a few times, once to remove some old seat belts from my sons go-kart.  It cut through the seat belt very easily.  I had a bit of extra nylon webbing laying around so I made the two videos below.  In the first one I cut through just one layer of webbing but it was so easy that I decided to double it up in the second video. I’m not as good at making videos as I am at taking pictures so don’t go making fun of my skills! 🙂