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Sneak Peek!! Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower Receiver

Posted on April 5th, 2014 by ar15news

If you’ve been following AR15NEWS for a while you’ve undoubtedly heard me speak of my buddy DMACK who is the brain and braun at Ranger Proof. After successfully selling limited edition rifles that he hand built himself but sold through other companies, he decided to form Ranger Proof Arms, LLC and really spread his wings. His latest awesomeness is the new Ranger Proof Arms, LLC billet lower receiver. This lower will be available in just a few months and will be used on all future Ranger Proof Arms rifles and will also be offered as a stripped lower as well. Check out the sneak peek pictures and details of this awesome new lower below. 

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 1

The horizontal lines you see on the lower, will not be visible once the lower is tumbled, and prepped for coating. This is the very first piece off of the machine, used to set dimensions, to make sure the tolerances are proper, and that the lower is correctly machined. Small adjustments can be made in the machine code, and once it is determined that it is within specs, production can start. I am VERY excited!!! Ranger Proof Arms, LLC has it’s own lower now. This will only be available through Ranger Proof Arms. It’s not a “Re-Branded” Lower. I will be working EXCLUSIVELY with Sharps Brothers Firearms Design, and will have this offered as standard on all of my rifles. It will also be available as a “stripped” lower, for the home builder.

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

This lower has been designed from the inception, with the hard use shooter in mind. There are design patents out on it, and I am very happy with how this project is shaping up. Stay tuned for more details!

If you want to keep tabs on Ranger Proof you can do so by following them on the Ranger Proof Facebook page as well as at

NEW!! Midwest Industries KeyMod Panel Covers

Posted on April 2nd, 2014 by ar15news

Midwest Industries is one of the companies that has been really branching out of late. At one point they were best known for their nice AR-15 rail systems. Now they make rails for .308 rifles, KeyMod hand guards, have their own billet receivers and even offer complete rifles too. Just the other day they came out with another new product which is their new KeyMod Panel Covers. 

The new KeyMod Panel Covers use mechanical fasteners to attach to the handguard which makes them extremely secure. These will be sold in kits that come with 3 covers (a 3 slot, 4 slot and 5 slot). The 3 slot covers are available in both the standard flat style or with a built-in Handstop. 

Midwest Industries KeyMod Panel Covers 1

Midwest Industries KeyMod Panel Covers 1

Midwest Industries KeyMod Panel Covers 1

These covers when placed on the MI-SSK handguard which has an outside diameter of 1.5” only increases it to 1.760” with the panels installed. The three panels with all flats weigh in at .8oz and will retail for $22.50. The three panel kit with the hand stop panel weighs in at .9oz and will retail for $24.95. Available for purchase soon at

You can also follow Midwest Industries on Facebook.

New SIONICS Weapon Systems Rifle – Coming Soon!!

Posted on March 19th, 2014 by ar15news

Our friends over at SIONICS Weapon Systems will be adding a brand new rifle to their lineup this year and it looks pretty amazing. The rifle pictured below features a Geissele SMR MK4 Rail, CMC Tactical Trigger, VLTOR A5 System and Gunfighter Charging Handle. What you might find most surprising is that the Multicam pattern on the rifle is not water transfer or anything like that but is actually Cerakote which is much more durable and not as easy to apply. Josh at SIONICS is hoping to finalize everything and have pricing available by the end of the month with actual production in the next month or so. 

Keep an eye on

You can follow SIONICS Weapon Systems on Facebook.

New Sionics Weapon Systems Rifle for 2014 620

Sneak Peek!! New AR-15 Stock from Leitner-Wise Manufacturing

Posted on March 19th, 2014 by ar15news

One of the coolest guys I follow on Instagram and Facebook is a guy named Paul Leitner-Wise who owns Leitner-Wise Manufacturing. If you’re not following him you definitely need to fix that. I don’t need to get into specifics but lets just say he’s had a very successful career in the Firearms Manufacturing business. Paul always seems to be working on something cool and one of those items is a sweet looking new collapsible AR-15 stock that focuses on a combination of Light Weight and High Strength design.

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

According to Paul it is made of a combination of Polymer and Aluminum making it very strong and very lightweight coming in at just about 8 ounces. The collapsible function will also work in a similar fashion to the popular UBR stock in that the stock can be adjusted while the portion of the stock where you place your cheek also known as the Cheek Weld will stay in the same spot but will be much lighter than a UBR stock. One of the things that you’ll probably like as well is that it will work with any normal milspec 6-position buffer tube. 

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

Just FYI, the stock adjuster was not shown in any of the photos above but will be shown in upcoming photos. According to Paul this stock is something they will make if there is enough interest which it already seems there is. Let us know what you think. No idea on price yet but I’m thinking it will be something we can all afford. Additional details to come soon.  

You can follow Paul Leitner-Wise on the following social media outlets.

NEW!! CMT Tactical .308 Billet Receiver Set

Posted on March 8th, 2014 by ar15news

CMT Tactical has just released their new .308 Billet Set and they look amazing. CMT Tactical is breaking the mold in more than one way with this new offering. As you can see in the pictures below this new .308 receiver set looks absolutely stunning with its ultra flared magwell, integrated oversized trigger guard and it’s unique lines. Being a billet set means the manufacturer has the ability to create a more unique look than just a standard receiver set. 

620 CMT Tactical 308 - 762 AR-10 billet receiver set 1

620 CMT Tactical 308 - 762 AR-10 billet receiver set 2

CMT Tactical’s billet set model names all start with some variation of UHP which stands for Ultra High Precision. If you’re familiar with CMT Tactical’s standard 5.56 billet set you definitely know that this is a very accurate description of the product CMT Tactical produces. They’ve now taken that same precision approach to the .308 platform creating the perfect base to not just a great precision long range rifle but an all around awesome battle rifle. Just looking at how perfect the receivers match up and all of the lines meet perfectly you can tell this is one awesome set.

620 CMT Tactical 308 - 762 AR-10 billet receiver set 3

620 CMT Tactical 308 - 762 AR-10 billet receiver set 3

-  BOLT CATCH ASSEMBLY SCREW (No Roll Pin to install)

620 CMT Tactical 308 - 762 AR-10 billet receiver set 6

620 CMT Tactical 308 - 762 AR-10 billet receiver set 6

The new CMT Tactical .308 billet receiver set also breaks the mold when it comes to the notion that all .308 sets must cost a fortune. Despite the Upper and Lower being machined from high quality 7075 T6 BILLET and offering high end features such as a Wire EDM Magwell, Battle Arms Development Short Throw Selector compatibility, Threaded Bolt Catch Assembly and an upper/lower Tensioning Screw, this billet set is actually closer in cost to that of your high end 5.56 billet receiver sets. Rainier Arms will have the first 100 sets of these CMT Tactical .308 billet receivers and at just $498.75 they will sell out fast. If you want to snag a set for yourself, get on the Email Notification list right now at and be ready to click buy when you get the email that they are in-stock and ready to go.

The guys at Rainier Arms let us in on a little secret today. Very soon they will be introducing an “Enhanced” version of the Adam Arms 16″ Mid Piston Rifle. The standard Adams Arms rifle is pretty awesome as it is but this new rifle will feature some really nice upgrades.

620 Enhanced Adams Arms Mid 16 Piston rifle by Rainier Arms 1a

The main upgrades to the basic rifle will be the brand new Rainier Arms Compensator (aka the RAC), Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle, Fortis Mid cut REV Rail and the Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock and Engage pistol grip.

620 Enhanced Adams Arms Mid 16 Piston rifle by Rainier Arms 2

620 Enhanced Adams Arms Mid 16 Piston rifle by Rainier Arms 3

There is no firm date set right this moment but look for the new rifle be available in the next few weeks. With an MSRP of just $1,495, this rifle is a crazy good deal. We’ll keep you updated as soon as the rifle becomes available for purchase. You can also keep an eye on the Rainier Arms Facebook page and the “New Products” section of



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