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Man, talk about starting out your next build on the right foot. Our friends at Shark Arms are offering an awesome combo deal of a genuine Colt forged upper, genuine Colt BCG and a genuine Colt charging handle for just $225 shipped. Shark Arms has a fantastic reputation for¬†getting their hands on genuine Colt parts and offering¬†them at a great¬†price point. This¬†deal was supposed to end tonight (9/16/16) at midnight but they have extended the sale until next Friday just for AR15NEWS readers. All you need to do is like the Shark Arms Facebook Page, email¬† to place the order and include the discount¬†code¬†“sharknewspcl” so they know to give you the special price.¬†


I’m gunna run the old Colt Special….. Same Parts Colt Upper receiver complete, plus the Colt bcg, plus the Colt charging handle 225.00 shipped from now till Friday (9/23/16) at midnight. We have more and more parts coming in from Colt were gunna make room get your parts at the old price next few days.

*Note: This is not a paid or sponsored post. Just a deal we wanted to pass along and Shark Arms was nice enough to extend the sale just for when we contacted them about it.

AERO Precision Sept. Builder Set – M4E1 Magpul Stealth Grey

Posted on September 10th, 2016 by ar15news

AERO Precision just announced their September Builder Set. This month they are doing an M4E1 set in Magpul Stealth Grey. The Builder Set includes an AERO Precision forged lower, trigger guard, M4E1 enhanced upper and handguard (12″ or 15″, MLOK or KeyMod), all finished¬†in a Magpul Stealth Grey Cerakote. If¬†you’re looking for a great start to your next build, jump on this awesome kit.¬†


This package deal includes the finished pieces you need to assemble your own Magpul‚ĄĘ Stealth Grey M4E1 Rifle, including an M4E1 Upper Receiver, AR15 Gen 2 Lower Receiver, Enhanced Handguard of choice and Billet Trigger Guard. Stand out at the range with a unique and eye catching build. This is a one time offer for this finish – once they are gone, they are gone!

– M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver finished in Magpul‚ĄĘ Stealth Grey. Upper receiver is assembled and includes the forward assist, dust cover and barrel nut.
– AR15 Gen 2 Stripped Lower Receiver finished in Magpul‚ĄĘ Stealth Grey
– 12″ or 15″ KeyMod or M-LOK Handguard finished in Magpul‚ĄĘ Stealth Grey
– Billet Trigger Guard finished in Magpul‚ĄĘ Stealth Grey

Umbrella Corp Weapons Research Group Teases New Billet Set

Posted on September 6th, 2016 by ar15news

We received an email from UCWRG (Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group) the other day that had¬†some good intel in it and wanted to share it with anyone who didn’t receive the email as well.

If you resisted the urge to immediately click over and buy one of the UCWRG Raptor charging handles that were back in-stock and kept reading they included some good info on what changes are going on at UCWRG right now. New UCWRG BCGs will be released soon and they continue to have an issue with getting forgings that are up to their high quality standards. 

If you kept reading past that you get to what we all are interested in…UCWRG BILLET!! I am fortunate to own one of the very first UCWRG billet ambi lowers ever made and love it (its featured¬†in a ¬†lot of my SBR photos).¬†UCWRG has never been able to keep up with demand for their products¬†but it appears they may have figured out some of their production¬†dilemmas as they are about to release a NEW billet¬†lower¬†and drumroll….billet upper. Photos and details below.

UCWRG billet lower v2UCWRG Billet Upper

We have a new billet lower design complete and we’re excited to get them out there. While we’d like to have receivers¬†ready before the election, we’re pushing to have them finished before Christmas. Timelines can change, especially after November. Like our first billet design these¬†will include the ADAC for right side bolt catch. We’ve made a few improvements to this lower;¬†the magwell¬†bevel is deeper and by popular request we’ve added a tension screw. You might also notice we’ve switched the logo from the 3D version to our standard deep laser engraved umbrella. These lower receivers still feature our unique¬†magwell¬†geometry and are WEDM cut for an even smoother finish.¬†Billet uppers will follow soon after the lowers are released to complete the pair.


So, if you’ve wanted to get on¬†the UCWRG train, your chance might be coming sooner than you realize. I hope this means good things going forward for UCWRG¬†and they do make a¬†phenomenal product.¬†Getting it out to the consumers is the key. You can check out all of the UCWRG¬†products at

V Seven Weapons – New Billet Upper and Rail Lengths

Posted on August 15th, 2016 by ar15news

V Seven Weapons has introduced an amazing looking new ENLIGHTENED billet lightweight upper receiver and additional lengths of their ENLIGHTENED Handguard.

The new 2055 ADVANCED LITHIUM ALUMINUM ENLIGHTENED AR-15 upper receiver weighs in at just 5.8 oz. and features some truly unique lines.

More info here:

V Seven Weapons Enlightened Billet Upper 1

V Seven Weapons Enlightened Billet Upper 1

The V SEVEN ENLIGHTENED HANDGUARD series is now available in additional lengths in the M-LOK version using cutting edge lithium aluminum alloy 2099. 7″, 11″ & 15″ options have been added. Titanium barrel nut included. See the link for pricing & product specs:¬†

V Seven Weapons Enlightened Handguard

Great Initial Results From The CBI 20″ .308 Match Barrel

Posted on July 28th, 2016 by ar15news

The other day I took some time to start sighting in my new 20″ .308 upper I just built for my FALKOR Defense rifle. Shot this awesome 100yd 3-shot sub-1/2-MOA ( .4935″ ) group with a 20″¬†Criterion Barrels¬†match barrel. I realize it is just a 3-shot group but I’m very impressed so far. I was shooing some¬†PNW Arms¬†175gr “Sniper” Match 7.62×51 ammunition. I had a few other really nice groups but this was my last and tightest group of the day. I only have room for a 100yd range on my property but my buddy has a 500yd gong that I think I need to ring with this baby.

Criterion Barrels 308 20 inch match barrel 1

Criterion Barrels 308 20 inch match barrel 4

Criterion Barrels 308 20 inch match barrel 2

Criterion Barrels 308 20 inch match barrel 3

This is a¬†FALKOR Defense¬†.308 ambi rifle with a¬†CriterionBarrels¬†20″ .308 match barrel,¬†Bravo Company USA¬†charging handle and muzzle brake,¬†Geissele¬†SD-E trigger,¬†Battle Arms¬†short throw ambi safety,¬†SLR Rifleworks¬†15″ Helix MLOK rail and Sentry adjustable gas block,¬†ATLAS¬†bipod,¬†Magpul¬†UBR stock, grip and mags,¬†Rainier Arms¬†UltraMatch .308 Nitride BCG with a¬†KAK Industry¬†dual ejector Bolt and a¬†Vortex Optics¬†Viper PST 4-16 FFP scope in the new¬†Geissele¬†Super Precision scope mount,¬†MK Machining¬†throw lever and scope level.

Closeout!! F-1 Firearms Gen1 BDR-15 Billet Receiver Set

Posted on July 27th, 2016 by ar15news

¬†If you’ve been admiring the F-1 Firearms billet sets but haven’t picked one up yet, this might be your lucky day! You can get in on a closeout deal for the Gen1 BDR-15¬†receiver set. The only difference between this Gen1 set and the Gen2 set they currently offer is that the selector stops are machined in instead of screwed in….oh and that the price is just $350 instead of $500. This is a great opportunity to start your next build off with an awesome¬†receiver set that will set your rifle apart from most others out there. Check out¬†the¬†details and pics below.


F-1 Firearms BDR-15 Receiver Set is a modern take on the MIL-SPEC M16 of yester-year. This set was meticulously engineered to be as lightweight as possible, while remaining rigid and cosmetically pleasing. All areas not inherent to functionality have been stripped away, leaving a beautiful base for any build. Each set is hand finished and matched in-house, for the utmost in operational and cosmetic perfection that our customers have come to expect from us here at F-1. BDR-15 sets accept all MIL-SPEC patterned parts as well as Magpul mags.


– BDR-15 Gen-1 matched receiver set
– Manufactured from high grade 7075-T6 billet aluminum
– Oversized trigger guard
– Front and rear take down pins included and installed
– Screws included for bolt catch, receiver tensioning, take-down pin detent and trigger adjustment
– Black – Type III Class 2 hard anodizing
– Colors – Type II hard anodizing
– 60¬į beveled magwell
– Produced solely in matched sets and hand finished for the utmost in quality and customer satisfaction
– F-1 Firearms 100% Product Guarantee

If you like what you see above, now is the time to act and snag a receiver set for an outstanding price. There is a limited amount of these sets available though so¬†don’t miss out. This closeout deal is only available through

I just happened to run across these new “Billet 4o” receiver sets by ATX Armory yesterday and man they are pretty sweet looking. Apparently the name “Billet 40” comes from all of the 4o degree angles on the receivers. There literally isn’t a square inch area that doesn’t have some neat detail work done to it. Even the underside of the trigger guard looks sick. Most of the machining appears to be in an effort to lower the weight of the receivers which combined come in at just under 1 pound. The receiver set is also compatible with the Battle Arms and Rainier Arms short throw ambi safeties. Check out the pics and details below.

ATX Armory Billet 40 receiver set

ATX Armory has built the finest receiver set money can buy without compromise to quality! Our model “Billet 40” gets its name from the 40 degree angles featured throughout the design, which took us nearly a year to perfect.

ATX Armory Billet 40 receiver setATX Armory Billet 40 receiver set

ATX Armory Billet 40 receiver set

Р Precision CNC from Aerospace Aluminum Billet 7075-T6
Р Integrated Trigger Guard with Custom Details
Р Forward Assist (Not found on similar high end receiver sets)
Р Multi Cal Markings for Various Build Types
Р Upper/Lower Tension Screw Setup (No Slop in this set so not Needed but Machined)
Р Edges have been De-Burred for Clean Smooth Finish
Р Compatible with Mil Standard AR Lower/Upper Receiver Parts
Р High Quality Hard Coat Type III Anodized Finish
Р Weighs 15.2 oz.

If you’re in the market for a unique looking billet receiver set for your next build, definitely give these a look. ¬†I know I might be doing that myself. Check them out at

Quarter Circle 10 Pistol MUR Upper Receiver

Posted on June 29th, 2016 by ar15news

For you Pistol Caliber builders out there….I just saw that the new Quarter Circle 10 Pistol MUR uppers are back in-stock. A few of my buddies have these and they match up very nicely to the QC10 billet lowers. The part that makes these different from other uppers is that VLTOR made these specifically for QC10 with a slick side wall with no forward assist along with a taller ejection port to allow extra ejection clearance for rounds from 9mm up to .45 ACP. If you’re looking for a great upper to complete your Pistol Caliber build,¬†this is a great option. Check them out at

 QTRC10 Pistol MUR Upper 1

QTRC10 Pistol MUR Upper 1

QTRC10 Pistol MUR Upper 1

Photos by Triple Bravo and TracerX

Retro AR Parts at Brownells

Posted on May 31st, 2016 by ar15news

Seems like Retro ARs or Clones are all the rage lately. TROY has introduced a few retro models, Colt announced at the NRA Annual Meeting earlier this month that they will be bringing back a limited production run of some of their most iconic rifles and now it looks like Brownells will also be dedicating some effort towards bringing quality retro components to market as well. Listed below are the first of many offerings from Brownells with more becoming available in the near future. 

XM177 Flash Hider & Grenade Ring 
The Brownells XM177 Flash Hider & Grenade Ring is the appropriate reproduction piece for your Retro carbine build. This flash hider mirrors the original device’s exterior dimensions, as well as flash hider cuts and grenade ring. The XM177 Flash Hider fits 1/2-28 threads, is machined from 8620L steel and has a black oxide finish. Flash Hider length is 4.335″ and with the grenade ring, bring the total length to 4.45″.

Brownells XM177 Flash Hider Grenade Ring 1Brownells XM177 Flash Hider Grenade Ring 1This is the proper muzzle device for the following reproduction builds:
Р XM177 or Colt Model 610
Р XM177E1 or Colt Model 609
Р Colt Model 619/620
Р XM177E2 or Colt Model 629
Р Colt Model 630 or USAF GAU-5A
Р Colt Model 639
Р Colt Model 649 or USAF GAU-5A/A

M16A1 Upper Receiver 

Designed in conjunction with Nodak Spud, the Brownells M16A1 Upper Receiver matches the features of the original M16A1 Receiver. Perfect for a ‚ÄúRetro‚ÄĚ or reproduction build, these uppers precisely mirror the original profile. This match is only possible by utilizing forgings with the proper profile built-in.

Brownells M16A1 Upper Receiver 1Brownells M16A1 Upper Receiver 1

Features specific to the Brownells M16A1 Upper Receiver are the original A1 profile, with no shell deflector, A1 rear sight housing and proper carry handle contours. The upper starts off as a 7075 T6 aluminum forging, then is machined to mil-spec dimensions. Once machined, the upper is finished with a matte black hard anodized finish. This finish matches most modern lowers found on the market today, as well as the Brownells BRN-16A1 Lower Receiver sold separately. Upper receiver does NOT have M4 feedramps.

Standard AR-15 components will work perfectly with this upper.

This upper is the proper receiver for the following reproduction builds:
Р XM16E1
Р M16A1
Р Model 607
Р Model 609 (XM177E1)
Р Model 619
Р Model 629 (XM177E2)
Р Model 639
Р Model 651
Р Model 653
Р Upper is not compatible with Anderson Mfg Lower Receivers due to rear takedown lug depth.

Please note, Nodak Spud does not machine these receivers. Only the forgings are sourced from Nodak Spud. Please contact Brownells with any inquiries or concerns.

AR-15 M16A1 Lower Receiver 
Designed in conjunction with Nodak Spud, the BRN-16A1 Lower Receiver matches the features of the original M16A1 Receiver. Perfect for a ‚ÄúRetro‚ÄĚ or reproduction build, these lowers precisely mirror the original profile.

Brownells M16A1 lower receiver 1Brownells M16A1 lower receiver 1Features specific to the BRN-16A1 Lower Receiver are the proper M16A1 front takedown lug profile, and profile surrounding the receiver extension. Most forged lower receivers produced today feature ‚ÄúA2‚ÄĚ profiles, which are incorrect for M16A1 reproduction builds. The lower starts off as a 7075 T6 aluminum forging, then is machined to mil-spec dimensions. Once machined, the lower is finished with a matte black hard anodized finish. This finish matches modern uppers found on the market today, as well as the Brownells M16A1 Upper Receiver sold separately.

Standard AR-15 components will work perfectly with this lower.

Simple, engraved markings on the lower include:
Р Model: BRN-16A1
Р Cal: 5.56mm
Р Mfg: Brownells Inc

This lower is the proper receiver for the following reproduction builds:
Р M16A1
Р Model 619
Р Model 629
Р Model 630 / GAU-5A
Р Model 639
Р Model 649 / GAU-5A/A
Р Model 651/652
Р Model 653/654
Р Mk 18 Mod 0
Р Mk 12

Please note, Nodak Spud does not machine these receivers. Only the forgings are sourced from Nodak Spud. Please contact Brownells with any inquiries or concerns.

As someone who has never¬†done any Retro/Clone builds but have always¬†wanted to, these definitely interest me and I am excited to¬†see what else Brownells plans on bringing to the market. There’s just something awesome¬†about seeing the history of the AR-15/M16 and its many variations. Good on Brownells for¬†helping us have the ability to create our own clones of those awesome rifles.¬†

Bootleg Inc. – A Company You Definitely Want to Know About

Posted on April 22nd, 2016 by ar15news

Bootleg Inc. was formed last year as a sister company of Primary Weapons Systems (PWS). Their¬†sole focus is on Direct Impingement (DI) accessories and AR builder education. Their¬†goal is to provide quality products and information for anyone that would like to build an AR. You may not know the name but you’ve most likely seen their products as they were heavily covered during SHOT Show 2016 on the new Primary Weapons Systems “MOD2” and Agency Arms “Project Classified” rifles. Some of¬†the new products that were¬†made for those two rifles are now available for purchase separately through Bootleg Inc. Those product are the Bootleg PicMod rail, Bootleg Lightweight Adjustable Carrier (great for suppressor use) and the Bootleg Lightweight Upper Receiver. Take a few minutes to check out their new products below.¬†

PWS MK107 Bootleg Parts

Bootleg PicMod Handguards
Extruded from 6061 aluminum with mil spec hard anodizing, the Bootleg handguard is a great update to your build and comes in 9″, 13″, and 15″ configurations with the choice of adding the KMR mounting hardware.

Bootleg PicMod Handguard

Р Extruded 6061 Aluminum
Р Mil Spec Hard Anodizing
– BCM KMR Mounting System allows for easy installation for new builds or replacement of existing BCM KMR handguard.
Р Full Length Mil Spec Picatinny Top Rail
– Excusive integrated PicMod Technology allows most picatinny accessories to mount without adapters while preserving a seamless flat KeyMod mounting surface
Р Extended PicMod Feature on the bottom section for increased bipod mounting options
Р Lightweight skeletonized design

Bootleg Adjustable Carrier
The Bootleg Lightweight Adjustable Carrier is machined from S7 Tool Steel, and features a four setting vent system to relieve excess gas pressure from suppressor use.

Bootleg Adjustable Carrier

Р Machined from S7 Tool Steel
Р Lithium Isonite Coating
– 4 Setting Adjustable Vent System relieves excess gas pressure created from suppressor use creating longer dwell time and less blowback to the shooter.
Р Gas Adjustment can be turned while installed in the rifle
Р Unique Lightweight Design
Р Uses all standard mil spec components
Р Staked Mil Spec Gas Key
Р Adjustment Pin is easily removed for cleaning

Bootleg Lightweight Upper Receiver
The Bootleg upper receiver is machined from 7075 aluminum and mil spec hard anodized. It features a lightweight design and upgraded features to start your build off right.

Bootleg Lightweight Upper Receiver

Р Machined from forged 7075 Aluminum
Р Mil Spec Hard Anodizing
Р Forward assist eliminated for weight saving and reduced snag risk
Р Lightweight design 6.2 oz stripped (.8 oz lighter than a mil spec upper receiver)
Р 1.7 oz lighter than a mil spec upper receiver with hardware installed
Р Captured dust cover door pin eliminating the need for the E clip
Р Increased barrel mounting circumference maintaining a solid barrel / receiver interface
Р Interference fit barrel extension interface for increased accuracy



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